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The Passeuses Dâmes organize a roller derby tournament in La Roche-sur-Yon

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the players of the Passeuses Dâmes prepare for the roller derby tournament
The Passeuses Dâmes players are preparing for the roller derby tournament. ©Passeuses Dames

Do you know the Ladies Setters ?

And no, nothing to do with spirituality!

This is a club of roller derby.

A discipline arrived from the United States and practiced almost mainly by women.

It is a sport still unknown to the Yonnais, even if the club attached to the Vendée has existed for nine years now.

Estelle Marie, Yonnaise teammate of the Passeuses Dâmes

This is’a contact sport played on roller skates and which combines strategy and speed.

One of the players must pass through the wall formed by the opposing team without falling or leaving the track in order to score points.

AT The rock on yon, they are 25 who play in the national championship 2.

Videos: currently on Actu

Shake up the codes

Why this name?

Do we want to ask Estelle Marie.

“For me, the Passeuses Dâmes are players who make opponents tremble. When in fact we are adorable”, laughs the one who on the ground is called Hémorro’Hit, by her derby name.

A nickname that defines a playstyle or character.

Roller derby loves to play on words, as it wants to dust off the usual gender standards. “Les Passeuses Dâmes want to break the codes”, explains Estelle Marie.

In fact, you can find in France teams of women, non-binary people, trans…

But back to Roues Paul’s Track Race, the sporting event on May 27 and 28 on the theme of sequins. She’s the drag queen Eva de Vair who will be the godmother.

For the uninitiated, a drag queen is a male person who interprets a female character with exaggerated or goofy features.

Entertainment for everyone

The tournament will host Titanic and the Creatures of Neptune de Nantesas well as Holly Poulpy from La Rochelle.

Many activities are planned during half-time, bowling skates, wig throwing, a make-up area…

The association All of us 85 who fight against gender-based violence will hold a stand, as well as the center LGBT of Vendée.

One last question to Estelle Marie: Who do you think will win?

“The Ladies Passeuses, of course! “, she answers us with enthusiasm.

27 and 28 May at the Salle de l’Angelmière, chemin de l’Ornay in La Roche-sur-Yon. Price: €5 for one day, €8 for two days. Catering on site.

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