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The National Women’s Rodeo...

The XII National Women's Championship will take over the Chilean rodeo agenda this...

How the singer of...

The daughter of Cass Elliott has fought much of its existence against the...

Who is the man...

This Friday a subject was arrested when he was surprised in the cargo...

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With two candidates so unpopular, An option was needed that would excite his...
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The one on one of the UC: an absent Zampedri and the insecurity of Daniel González mark the first fall of Tiago Nunes

Universidad Católica suffered its first fall with Tiago Nunes on the bench. In Santa Laura they showed their worst side: a lot of inaccuracy and few chances in the rival field. Although some players who came off the bench pushed UC forward, they could not unbalance.

Thomas Gillier: He had a good save against a mid-range shot, but he was very stuck under the three pipes even when he had to go out to center.

Aaron Astudillo: The lowest in the UC. He was very imprecise in his passes and suffered with each attack by the whites.

Daniel González: He remains unconvincing at the Catholic University. He appeared in the emergency team due to Branco Ampuero’s injury and it was noted that he was lacking competitive rhythm. At times he felt lost in the field.

Gary Kagelmacher: He tried to take the flags when UC was having a hard time generating football, but none of his passes generated danger. In duels he showed more firmness than his defensive partner.

Alfonso Parot: Erratic with the ball and not very influential. He doesn’t go on the attack like before. He seems more comfortable when he has to defend instead of attack.

Agustín Farías: He couldn’t establish himself as an option to clean up plays at UC. He was correct in the disputes, but he lost Vidal’s mark in the white goal.

Lucas Menossi: He tried to connect the midfield with the attack, but failed. He was substituted after halftime.

Nicolás Castillo could not make a difference.

Nicolás Castillo could not make a difference. Photo: Photosport

Cesar Pinares: It started well, looking for imbalance and with precise crosses, but it lost prominence as the game progressed.

Alexander Aravena: Very close to the band and when he centralized he could not unbalance. It still hasn’t reached last year’s level.

Gonzalo Tapia: He was the most incisive in the first half, winning three duels and coming close to opening the score. In the complement he was better marked.

Fernando Zampedri: One of his lowest games at UC. The Colocolinos defenders canceled him out and in his few interventions he was imprecise. He didn’t have any clarity.

Joaquin Torres: He sought to make a difference by facing, but the field did not support him and he was unable to adapt to the conditions of the game.

Cristian Cuevas: He replaced Parot and went more on the attack, but he failed to change the face of his team. His cross almost went in: he hit the post.

Clemente Montes: He sought to create danger with his dive into space, but he was well contained and did not touch the area very much.

Nicolas Castillo: He entered the final stretch and tried to accompany Zampedri as an attacking reference. He had no chances to score.

Jorge Ortiz: He came in and participated a lot in the game, but had few minutes.

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