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The modest winner of the Stanley Cup, Pavel Francouz. A friendly person who is not afraid to help others

You can hear a lot of things about hockey players. That they’re dudes, that they’re crazy. And who knows what else. But to whom this certainly does not apply, is Pavel Francouz.

Hockey player Pavel Francouz, a native of Pilsen and current player of the Colorado Avalanche team, brought to Pilsen on Friday, July 22, to show the cup for the winners of the NHL, one of the most famous sports trophies in the world, the hockey Stanley Cup.

| Photo: Deník/Zdeněk Vaiz

Paul I met him last fall at a weekend event that my girlfriend and I attended. I had already registered that name a few days before on the list of participants. Doubts as to whether this is really one of the best Czech goalkeepers in recent years, or perhaps it is just a coincidence of names, were dispelled almost immediately after we entered the hall.

My girlfriend is a wheelchair user, so we started looking around the areas where the chairs were set up to see where we could put one of them aside to make room. That morning there was a call, “Come here,” and a certain youth promptly cleared away said piece of furniture.

Pavel French

End of career? Like breaking up with a girl. It will probably always hurt, says the Frenchman

Although the hockey goalie enjoys a certain degree of anonymity during matches thanks to the goalie mask, I knew right away that the young man was Pavel.

From that Saturday morning until late Sunday afternoon, we spent most of our time together. And if you expected that Pavel would want to be the center of attention, which he would have every right to do given his achievements, you would be wrong.

No one man show

We weren’t in the company of sports fans, so most of the people present didn’t know who he had the honor with. And when one of the participants during the evening session came up with the questions “Pavel French? He’s a hockey player, isn’t he? Do you have anything in common with him?”, answered Pavel with a smile. “Sure, name.”

One of the many interventions with which Pavel Francouz decorated his career in the NHL:

Source: Youtube

Pavel and I have seen each other several times since then. We talked about everything possible, including hockey of course, NHL, Colorado. But it was by no means his “one man show”. He was also interested in us, in his girlfriend, in life with a handicap. He didn’t have the slightest problem with helping, on the contrary, he was overflowing with willingness.

Pavel Francouz with his agent Robert Spálenka

The Frenchman will not catch any more matches. He ended his career due to health problems

I had the honor of seeing Pavel Francouz as a winner on the ice rinks Stanley Cup, champion of the Czech extra league and multiple Czech representative. All this just through the TV screen. But I personally got to know him as a great easy-going and nice guy. The boy from Pilsenwho has no need to play at anything and is no stranger to the willingness and help of others.

Thanks, Pavel. Good luck in your life after an active sports career!

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