Proposed increase radio and television fee according to the ministry’s explanatory report, it will only dial-up the reception of Czech Television and Czech Radio so that they can perform the public service in the current quality.

The television fee of CZK 135 has not changed since 2008, last year its real amount was CZK 61. The broadcasting fee of CZK 45 has remained the same since 2005, and since then its real value has decreased to CZK 25.

The obligation to pay concessionaire fees is established by the Act on Czech Television and Czech Radio and the Act on Radio and Television Fees.  illustrative photo

Concession fees: Who will pay and how much, from when the amount will increase and why

The revised proposal continues to count on expanding the number of payers. Newly, the fee has to be paid by everyone who has any equipment enabling the reception of public media, i.e. also by mobile, tablet or computer. For companies, payment would be newly introduced according to the number of employees, businesses with up to 24 people and self-employed persons (OSVČ) would be exempt from payment. Conversely, companies that rent cars would pay a radio fee for each car.

Among other things, the amendment also reduces the notification period for sponsoring television or radio programs to 260 hours per year, which is about 85 percent of the situation in 2023. The reason is the excessive use of program sponsorship in ČT.

The Minister of Culture Martin Baxa (ODS) previously stated that the government coalition agreed on the indexation of fees. He is to inform journalists of the details of the proposal on Wednesday.