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Officials of the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry urged Officials of the Municipality of Agios Athanasios to officially submit a request for the allocation of additional space for the expansion of an existing childcare center within the Industrial Area, says a statement from the Ministry, in relation to a publication by “Haravgi”.

The area where the childcare center has recently been erected is within the said Industrial Area and has been granted to the Municipality of Agios Athanasios by the YEEB, it is reported while according to the Ministry, its Officers urged the Officers of the municipal Authority to submit a request for the exemption of the Municipality from the payment of rent for the use of the space.

Regarding the publication of “Haravgi” dated 16.9.2023, entitled “the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry (YEEB) deceived the workers and employers in the Industrial Area of ​​Agios Athanasios”, the YEEB clarifies that “something like this does not correspond to reality” .

It is added that the publication incorrectly mentions that the Ministry responded by withdrawing the offer of the site, even though some designs had been made on behalf of the Association and a relevant study was submitted.

It is also pointed out that architectural plans had been submitted on behalf of the Association, which, as explained to its President in a private meeting on 7.4.2022 with the former Minister of EEB and the Director General of the Ministry, it was not possible to promote them in order to secure a building permit , as the development concerned the creation of a small shopping center, which, as stated, is inconsistent with the lease offer for the space in question as well as with the provisions of the Regulation governing the operation of Industrial Areas.

It is added that a relevant letter dated 7.6.2022 was forwarded to the President of the Association, through which the redesign of the development was requested, while the President of the Association, with a letter dated 14.7.2022, informed the Ministry that he will submit a revised draft of the proposed development.

The Ministry also states that one year later and since nothing had been submitted on their behalf, with the letter dated 25.7.2023 it has proceeded with the revocation of the site, informing the interested parties that based on the new practice it will be possible to grant it to them, as long as the they want, an area of ​​around 3,000 sq.m. for public benefit purposes.

Therefore, what is noted in the publication in question constitutes a falsification and distortion of the real facts, the announcement concludes.

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