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The mess that arose in the opposition with the candidacy of Iván Poduje and the negotiations with Maximiliano Luksic

A series of surveys have been shared from Renovación Nacional to the architect Ivan Podidowhere it is shown that the best-looking candidate to compete for the municipal seat of Viña del Mar is Macarena Ripamonti (RD), is the councilor of that store, Carlos Williams.

And it is that mechanism, as transmitted from the store, that they seek to use to resolve the single letter of the sector in said commune, since as they point out, the deadlines do not allow for carrying out an unconventional primary. In this way, Chile Vamos seeks to convince Poduje not to compete as an independent in the area.

With the looming threat of the “lone ranger,” as he called at the time Evelyn Matthei, in the sector they are betting on continuing to talk with Poduje to persuade him. The UDI standard bearer criticized a few days ago, in a conversation at the Universidad del Desarrollo, that “Nobody controls these lone rangers who go outside, with a thousand signatures ready, they are candidates”.

The person who has also had access to the measurements that have been shown to Poduje is the deputy for the area, Andrés Celis. When consulted by La Tercera, the parliamentarian assured that “if he believes he is the best candidate, it seems valid to me. I see polls, the best candidate is Carlos Williams”.

And the fact is that the councilor of the commune is the candidate formally proclaimed by RN to compete for the municipal seat against Macarena Ripamonti (RD).

My candidate is Carlos Williams and if he sees that any candidate from Chile Vamos is better than him, the first one who will go down is Williams“, Celis added.

RN sources also assure that internal processes are still missing to continue advancing in the resolution of the applicant and that they suggested to Poduje that the store’s candidate is Williams.

In any case, they affirm in RN, according to the internal measurements they manage, Williams is a candidate powerful enough to beat Ripamonti.

In RN, they also emphasize that there are “two focuses.” The first is to have competitive candidates and that the process to choose the contender is a “local decision, as citizen-based as possible.”

The issue, however, entangles the sector and adds conflict to the negotiations that are underway. From the UDI, for example, they assure that the difficulty they have had in the commune of Viña del Mar is replicated throughout Chile due to the number of incumbent parties in the negotiation. However, they see Poduje as a “fairly consensus” candidate.

Although they include the architect’s criticism about the importance of the communal government program, they add that a single candidate must be reached.

At the same time, union members are hopeful that Poduje will be the sector’s candidate. “He is decanting everything so that Iván goes,” they transmit from the UDI.

And it was Poduje, in conversation with El Mercurio, who criticized the handling of the opposition coalition in the negotiation, pointing mainly to the UDI and RN.

“Originally, there was supposed to be a consensus to create a city project, which was what I proposed. That consensus ultimately did not exist. And each party has nominated a candidate, which seems legitimate to me. But that discussion has been about quotas, and that is something that I do not want, I am not interested in. “I have nothing to do there,” questioned the architect.

And he added: “I am deeply disappointed that the problems that the city of Viña del Mar has not been talked about. In that context, I think it does not make much sense often. The conversation with Chile Vamos has been very regrettable

Another name that has appeared in the opposition conversations is that of former executive director of Channel 13, Maximiliano Luksic.

After his resignation from the television station, The leaders of the opposition parties have held various meetings with Luksicwith the aim of exploring a commune in which she can run as a candidate for mayor.

According to those familiar with the dialogues, Luksic told them that he wanted to leave the private and contribute from the public, to help Chile get out of the “crisis” in which it finds itself, with problems of economic growth and public order. He told some that he wanted to “get out of the comfort zone” and that he felt the need to contribute from another perspective.

Although during the course of the weeks different communes have been evaluated – such as Ñuñoa, Recoleta, Estación Central, among others – according to sources in the sector, the conversations would be arriving to be a candidate in the commune of Huechuraba, a commune dominated by the PPD, Carlos Cuadrado, who cannot run for re-election because he has completed the three terms allowed by law.

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