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The man built a garden kitchen for the family: It has a smokehouse and an oven and can be cleaned with a hose

The family bought a house with a large pergola. Adam Jedlička built a great outdoor kitchen into it. It also has a smokehouse and a pizza oven. At the same time, the handyman from Kostelka nad Černými lesy won the price of an ordinary kitchen unit.

General view of the outdoor kitchen.

| Photo: Courtesy of Adam Jedlička

According to Adam Jedlička, he and his family started building an outdoor kitchen because they love being in the fresh air. They simply enjoy cooking outside. In addition, they can take a hose and simply shower the kitchen after each party.

“When we are outside, it is very nice to cook or bake something. And my wife is happy that when we organize a party, the mess stays outside and she doesn’t have to clean the whole house,” smiles Adam Jedlička from Kostelce nad Černými lesy.

A dream kitchen from an unused pergola

The garden kitchen is part of a separate pergola, which is about 50 meters from the house. “It’s like an L-shaped brick house,” explains the handyman.

Originally, the pergola was empty. “There was an old fireplace, but we didn’t like it very much. The work was pretty sloppy, so we decided to redo everything completely. The area of ​​the pergola is roughly the same as a 3+1 block apartment, which means 70 square meters. One part has a fireplace, the other a kitchen,” describes Adam Jedlička.

General view of the pergola.General view of the pergola.Source: Courtesy of Adam Jedlička

Lost formwork and ytong

Most outdoor kitchens are made from lost formwork. The line is made of ytong and on top is a concrete slab, which Adam Jedlička modified with Moroccan stucco.

“It’s a noble trowel that’s waterproof. It can also be used in showers or bathrooms. It’s a bit susceptible to chemicals, but if you take good care of it, there’s no problem with it,” praises the handyman, adding: “There is a rather limited market for it in our country, so Moroccan stucco is quite expensive.”

The wonderful fireplace that Jan Ranik made himself has a diameter of 60 centimeters

Šikula from Podbořany made a fireplace from a boiler from a scrap yard. He is said to be tested by his mother

He is said to have first made a wooden kitchen in the pergola.

“Given the humidity and dust, it wasn’t exactly an ideal choice. So I finally took it apart and chose the option that would be as easy to maintain as possible. When it comes down to it, I can actually take her with a hose and nothing will happen,” laughs the manager of secondary private schools.

The oven is inspired by Italy

The entire smokehouse is bricked. The chimney is a classic purchased puzzle. The brick flue is made of blocks with ceramic inserts and glass wool.

“I also built the furnace from the lost formwork. It is made according to an Italian recipe. It is a dome that has an interior made of fireclay bricks, insulated with stove wool. The oven is perfect not only for pizza, but also for meat,” praises Adam Jedlička.

There is also a pizza oven.There is also a pizza oven.Source: Courtesy of Adam Jedlička

The tiles in the kitchen are original. He says he will still have to redo it. “She was badly placed. The person who laid it didn’t put in much work. Instead of stretching the glue, he threw it ‘on buns’. The paving is therefore hollow in several places. I have to tear it down and I’m going to put another one there,” plans the handyman.

A solid fuel stove is missing

According to Adam Jedlička, the biggest problem was fine-tuning the flues. “I had to make sure that the chimney pulled properly and that the smokehouse worked. I still have a gas burner above the fireplace, so I had to add a foot of clay and sand to insulate the heat. I wouldn’t want to blow up half the village,” laughs the handyman.

His young son also helped him with the construction. “He’s only four years old, but he’s already quite good at some grinding. I am trying to guide my son to a trade. So far he is enjoying it and helping me. We’ll see how long his enthusiasm lasts,” smiles the proud father.

Peter Luhový's girlfriend likes to collect herbs.  So the handyman made a beautiful and practical five-story dryer for her.

Šikula built a five-story herb dryer. He used cheap things to do it

If Adam Jedlička were to make a garden kitchen again, he would definitely make a stove for solid fuel. “The kind that are common in cottages. Of course, that could be done even today, but I would have to add another flue there. That would look pretty wild,” he thinks aloud.

DIY fit into 50 thousand crowns

The most expensive was the building material, otherwise Adam Jedlička did everything himself. “It wasn’t so terrible again. I simply spent two seasons building in the afternoons and weekends,” explains the handyman.

And how much did the great outdoor kitchen cost? “I haven’t calculated it exactly. But when I think about it, I got to about 50 thousand crowns. You can’t even buy a normal barrack kitchen for that,” smiles Adam Jedlička.

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