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The lack of light on the floor was solved by a light pipe. The financial advisor compiled it himself

A staircase in the middle of the house means not only saving space, but also a lack of light. David Válek solved the problem with a light guide. He assembled the puzzle himself. However, he did not avoid difficulties.

During the construction of the family house, the Válek couple expected that they would need to install a light pipe. Otherwise they would have no daylight in the stairwell.

| Photo: Courtesy of David Válek

The Válek couple have arranged the layout of their family home in such a way that there is no daylight on the staircase. “We already thought about it when building the house. We didn’t want to keep the lights on all the time, so we decided to install a light guide. We wanted to have the maximum number of hours of natural daylight in the house,” David Válek from Valašské Meziříčí explains the reasons for installing the light guide tube.

Peter Luhový made beautiful window coverings from old pallets.  It looks like a picture frame.

Window covering made of pallets looks like a picture frame. The handyman also saved a bunch of money

During the production of the roof, they had the carpenters install the upper part of the light pipe. Every penetration through the roof is a risk of possible future leaks. “The assembly is no longer difficult after that. Even an average handyman can do it,” David Válek is convinced.

“Perhaps someone would be able to fit the top part into the roof structure with their own help. But I didn’t want to risk it. That’s really something I didn’t dare dabble in,” says the handy handyman who makes a living as a financial advisor.

A light guide as a simple puzzle

Two knees were included in the package of the puzzle. You can use them to angle the light guide. “I placed one knee up near the roof, the other is in the plasterboard ceiling,” reveals David Válek.

Light pipe tube.Detail of the light guide tube.Source: Courtesy of David Válek

He then connected the individual parts. “The parts have stops on which a stainless steel coupling is placed. In the end, the joint must be covered with aluminum tape,” the DIYer explains the work process.

It is said that one needs a little skill. “Maybe it’s better done with two people, where one can hold the piece while the other connects it. The most difficult part of the whole puzzle was that I did it all by myself,” David Válek smiles, adding that manual work is relaxing for him.

Do-it-yourself installation of the light guide:

Source: Youtube

Where should the light guide be placed ideally?

According to him, the light guide is most often placed where there is no living space. “If you wanted to hide the tube, you’d have to make a box around it. In short, it is expected that it will be in a non-residential area,” says David Válek.

The house after the implementation of the ventilated facade

A building for demolition eventually becomes a beautiful house. The new larch facade is also impressive

According to him, a flap can also be installed in the light pipe. If necessary, it will shade the light guide, creating darkness. “I don’t know why I should do that at all. And invest in it. I haven’t seen it anywhere in practice. And so far, we have never needed a flap,” reveals the DIYer’s opinion.

Daylight for 15 thousand crowns

He is said to be extremely satisfied with the light guide. “Even if it’s cloudy, we have enough light. It served its purpose. The whole puzzle cost us 15,000 crowns, including extension parts,” David Válek calculates the costs.

“If you stubbornly count, you will come to the point that you will never see that much money. But I don’t regret the investment in any way. Although it’s actually quite enough just for having light,” laughs the financial advisor.

A skylight is a good alternative to natural light.A skylight is a good alternative to natural light.Source: Courtesy of David Válek

Measure twice, cut once

Although David Válek is ultimately satisfied with the solution, today he would do one thing differently.

“When we were on the construction site and we were deciding where the light guide would go, the ceilings weren’t ready yet. The carpenters were just starting on the roof. At that time, we wondered where the optical fiber could probably lead. I told the carpenter where he should cut through the roof. And unfortunately it didn’t happen to us,” smiles the handyman, adding that this also happens sometimes.

The mobile cafe is made from a horse carrier.

College students who love coffee: You wouldn’t believe what they have a mobile cafe out of

Connecting the parts was then more complicated. “Then I had to deal with it on my knees. Today I would move the hole in the roof more up to make the light guide as vertical as possible. The more bends it has, the lower the efficiency of light transmission,” concludes David Válek.

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