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The “handover” of the shift and the memory gaps of the station master for the fateful night in Tempe – “confession” document for railway safety


Under the microscope of the investigations are what unfolded on the fateful night of the tragedy railway accident at Tempe and the mistakes that were made and led to the tragedy with the 57 dead.

The Larissa station master who has been remanded in custody reported that he was alone on shift, while an investigation is also underway into the Sick leave received immediately after the accident by the inspector of the Larissa station.

New evidence that has come to light shows that the station master he should not be alone in his post the fateful night. To be precise, until 23.00 at night there had to be three stationmasters in Larissa!

According to the shift document presented by SKAI at the Larissa station there were three persons on duty during the disputed period from the moment the fatal key was turned to the time of the fatal collision.

Specifically, the document shows that the shifts are as follows:

Two mornings 06.00 – 15.00

Two afternoons 14.00 – 23.00

And an evening 22.00 – 07.00

In a few words, the shift schedules reveal that when the two morning students start school at 2:00 p.m., the two afternoon students come at 3:00 p.m., which should coincide by one hour with the one evening student who starts at 10:00 p.m. That is, from 22.00 to 23.00 in the evening, 3 station masters should be at the spot.

The “delivery receipt” of the shift and memory gaps

The station master stated in his statement that he was left alone from 10 or 10:30 to 11 and will stick to the drop off protocolthat is, in the protocol drawn up when the previous station master hands over his shift to the next.

This is a time when you will the one who leaves and the one who comes must be together however, the station master argues that the handover should not have been due to pending matters, that is, because the train was late in arriving and because there was a pending matter, the afternoon station master should not have handed over his duties to him and that he should have remained at least until 11 o’clock and then to leave after the pending issues are resolved.

About what happened with the lines key a memory gap is invoked. That is, he cannot remember, he is not able to remember what happened to the key whether he turned it or not, whether he put it back in its place or not.

Also, sources from his environment report in relation to the conditions of his placement in this particular post, that positions had been announced which were not all filled.

From assistant… alone

A report broadcast by ERT states that during the March shifts for the station masters, the accused was reserve station master or assistant station master at Paleofarsalos station, which is a less nodal, less central station compared to that of Larissa. In fact, he found himself controlling the railway network of central Greece.

The question is that he was finally left alone to be the main station master on February 28since he was still in some of the shifts in March an assistant station master, and in fact at less central stations.

The focus is on the convalescence of the Larissa OSE inspector

At the same time they continue the investigations on the sick leave received by the inspector of the OSE Larissa immediately after the tragedy.

According to Live News however, there is information that he may not have even gone to the Volos hospital! That he may never have been through the emergency room, the outpatient clinic and never even been examined by a doctor!

However, in some “magical” way, he got a month’s leave and in fact, the – if nothing else suspicious – period of time: Just a few hours after the accident!

Ordered of Health Minister Thanos Pleuris an urgent investigation was requested to examine the terms and conditions on which the license was granted.

THE inspector, is already on holiday while it is reported that during his testimony before the investigative authorities on Friday, he said that based on the sheet, three stationmasters should have been working in that one hour, before the fatal collision of the two trains.

“Confession” document on railway security loopholes

On the other hand, after the revelations that company employees had filed complaints about the operation of the railway network, MEGA Unveils New Document Document, which proves the knowledge of the company and the discussions within it, about network security issues.

Specifically, and regarding telematics, the document reveals:

“(…) The manufacturing company does not have spare parts, to put this device out of operation and therefore any station, something that will directly affect the safety of traffic as well as its smooth running. Consequently, such management reduces traffic safety, requires the manning of these stations with personnel, which excessively increases the cost of operating the network. The above problems arose only after the attempt to withdraw the existing equipment”.

Through this document, there is a “confession” that the problem in the railway network is real and the services need reinforcement, which, however, is not possible due to the financial costs.

The article The “handover” of the shift and the memory gaps of the station master for the fateful night in Tempe – “confession” document for railway safety was published on NewsIT .

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