The previous two so-called anti-bureaucratic packages were approved by the cabinet in August 2022 and last June. They contributed, for example, to the abolition of mandatory periodic medical examinations for employees in non-risky professions, to the increase of the turnover limit for mandatory VAT payment and the turnover limit for flat-rate tax payment to two million crowns, or to the introduction of the possibility to submit applications for all types of pensions online.

The current package contains 29 measures to reduce administration for entrepreneurs, self-employed people and citizens. The package seeks to abolish the administration, possibly pushing for its limitation and digitization. The approved resolution of the government gives individual ministries the task of preparing a draft solution for measures from the package by the end of September. “It’s a way to get rid of unnecessary regulations that turn out to be unnecessary or burdensome, and yet the state required them,” he said Wallflower.

The presidency of TOP 09 proposed to the executive committee of the party the nomination of the head of the parliamentary foreign committee, Marek Ženíšek, as the minister for science, research and innovation.

Another candidate for Minister of Science. The board of TOP 09 proposed Marek Ženíšek

The third package envisages, among other things, the abolition of the obligation to report on the mandatory share for employers who employ over 50 percent of people with disabilities. “This information about the numbers can be obtained from the quarterly reports that employers submit on an ongoing basis,” he said Solomon in a press release. Proof of payment of consumption tax during transport should be digitized, and further changes are expected in occupational medical examinations.

Solomon collects suggestions for the next package, the ministries themselves submit ideas. “We are still continuing this activity,” said the CTK minister.