“I think everyone expects us to play together. And I can confirm that it will be like that,” said Siniaková. “I’m not going to keep the audience tense. We met, we agreed, and now I hope that we will both be healthy and we will be very happy to defend the gold,” said Siniaková.

The winners of seven Grand Slam titles in doubles ended their cooperation at the end of last year at the instigation of Siniaková. Since the new season, she has been competing in doubles with the Australian Storm Hunter, Krejčíková plays alongside the German Laura Siegemundová.

Famous tennis couple Paula Badosa (left) and Stefanos Tsitsipas announced the final end.

The end of tennis love, the star couple goes apart. Both Kvitová and Berdych had romances

Siniaková did not reveal whether the Czech tennis players, who defeated the Swiss pair Viktorija Golubicová and Belinda Bencicová in the Olympic final three years ago, will make it to another tournament together before Paris. “We’ll see. I would be happy if we could manage a match together before Paris. But it wouldn’t matter if it didn’t work out. It wouldn’t happen for the first time,” said Siniaková.

The Olympic Games in Paris are held from July 26 to August 11. The tennis tournament will take place on clay in the Roland Garros complex, where Siniaková and Krejčíková celebrated two Grand Slam titles in 2018 and 2021.