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The general elections mark the start of the Encamp Carnival

EncampThe satire has once again focused on the opening shot of the Encamp Carnival with the general elections to be held in April as the protagonist. The show organized by the parish festival committee has once again filled Avinguda François Mitterrand with laughter and joy, making fun of the current political situation and the projects started by the community. As a highlight, the public figure chosen as Carnival Queen was the senior consul from Encampada, Laura Mas.

In this way, the young people have recreated what would become an electoral debate with the heads of lists of the formations that will be presented in the elections, Xavier Espot of Democrates for Andorra, the social democrat Pere López, Josep Maria Cabanes of Liberals, Cerni Escalé de Concòrdia, Judith Pallarés d’Acció and Carine Montaner d’Andorra Endavant, who have been played by women, being the first time that they have taken part in the hanging of His Majesty Carnestoltes.

Among the most relevant gags, the plagiarism that López starred in during the 2021 political orientation debate and the recent resignation of the former Minister of Finance and spokesman, Eric Jover, for not paying the taxes of his company The projects that are being carried out by the corporation have also taken part in the satire, such as the new gym at the town’s Sports Complex, the construction of the new Ossa park and the future shopping center that will be built in the middle.

Starting shot at the Encamp Carnival.

Starting shot at the Encamp Carnival.

Laura Mas highlighted the suitability of the party committee by centering the show and the dialogues around the upcoming general elections on April 2, pointing out that the representation was also attended by the head of the list, such as himself social democratic leader, Pere López. “I congratulate the festival committee for the dialogues, thinking with satire and intelligence”, he explained. In addition, he highlighted the presence of women in the show, a fact he considered “important and outstanding”. The consul also indicated that “it is an honor” to have been selected as Carnival queen

The festivities in the Encampada town continue this afternoon with the parade of floats and the party in the evening. On Sunday the traditional trial of the smugglers will be held and on Monday the traditional performance of the Ball de l’Óssa in the Prat de l’Areny car park.

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