However, everything is not and cannot be sunny. Endurance rally will challenge experienced desert wolves in endless rocks and Sahara dunes, let alone Czech representatives of the weaker sex.

The women's crew Lenka Hlavatá - Nikola Verbičová struggles with the desert terrain in Morocco

Camels had priority. The Gas Heels team faces the pitfalls of the Moroccan Rally

However, they did great. Even the storm and the omnipresent dust did not surprise them. However, sand is tricky. They had to dig out, use recovery raids, and with their own special Can-Am Maverick X3 XRS, they also experienced one more critical moment.

“It was about four kilometers before the finish of Wednesday’s stage. We drove onto one dune significantly faster and more directly than would have been advisable. We went over the roof twice and landed back on the bikes. Fortunately, apart from a few minor bruises, nothing happened to us. But poor Vilda took it a lot worse,” Lenka Hlavatá described the carom.

The main thing is that they stayed in the race

Dutchman Janus van Kasteren, who had been beaten by Dakar, tried to help them on the spot. However, Vilda failed to pull out. “In addition, it turned out that in addition to the bruised radiator, he also suffered other bruises. They pulled us to the finish line on a rope and we received a one-hour penalty plus time for being delayed on the track. However, the main thing was that we stayed in the race,” she said.

Austrian racer Michael Putz had a serious accident at the Šumava Rally

A helicopter interfered with the rally. The Austrian competitor suffered serious injuries in the accident

“Then the boys did an incredible job. Until five in the morning, they worked hard on Vild and repaired it so that we could set off again,” the driver of the Heels on Gas team described the dramatic situation from the 5th stage.

Now the women’s pair needs to complete the second largest cross-country rally in the world. The finish ramp near the city of Saidia is not far away.