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The Ethics Commission started proceedings with Slavia and Nezmar due to possible influence on the league

The Ethics Commission of the Football Association of the Czech Republic (FAČR) has started disciplinary proceedings against Slavia Prague and its then sports director Jan Nezmar due to possible influence on the regularity of the first league in the 2018/19 season and the match with Olomouc in April 2019. The chairman of the commission, Jan Eisenreich, informed about this.

Jan Nezmar.

| Photo: ČTK/Roman Vondrouš

The mess ended in Slavia in August 2020, but he returned to football at the beginning of this April when he became the general manager of Liberec. “Mr. Nezmar voluntarily rejoined the Football Association in recent weeks. The Ethics Commission gained jurisdiction over him and could initiate disciplinary proceedings against him,” said Eisenreich.

The proceedings concern two acts. “However, it is suspected of influencing the match with Olomouc, which was played on April 27, 2019. Then it is suspected of influencing the entire competition, which concerned the much-discussed amount of money of one million, which was supposed to have been promised Roman Berber. These are two acts that the ethics commission needs to investigate. That’s why she initiated disciplinary proceedings against Jan Nezmar,” stated Eisenreich.

Even the Vršovice club itself will not escape the investigation. “Since Mr. Nezmar was an official of Slavia at the time, the commission also initiated disciplinary proceedings with the member club SK Slavia Praha for both acts,” said Eisenreich.

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According to him, the initiation of proceedings does not mean an automatic confirmation of guilt or punishment. “It means that we have reasonable suspicion that the disciplinary offense has been committed and we need to investigate it. When we started the procedure, we start to investigate the disciplinary offense. We will call witnesses, we will summon the accused. Only then will we issue a final decision,” stated the chairman of the commission.

Officials from elite clubs were also tapped

Due to the bribery and embezzlement scandal that broke out in October 2020 after the arrest of the now former vice-chairman of FAČR Berbro, parts of the police wiretaps later appeared in the media. Officials from elite clubs, including Nezmar, also figured in them.

Police according to the website for example, she worked with the knowledge that Berbr should have been promised a million dollar bribe by the Praguers for winning the title in the 2018/19 season. It is not stated whether the amount was to be in crowns or euros. Chairman of the board of directors of Slavia Jaroslav Tvrdík He denied any corruption.

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Berber is currently on trial. According to the indictment, Berbr was at the head of an organized criminal group that participated in the manipulation of ten matches of the second and third leagues in 2019 and 2020. According to the file, Berbr used his dominant position in the FAČR and influenced the deployment of referees at Vyšehrad matches according to the requirements of the club’s sports director at the time, Roman Rogoz. Selected judges and delegates, as well as one player and an official of rival clubs, helped Slavoj to win for a bribe, says the indictment.

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