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The driver still wants more 17-year-olds. The first one has already lost it straight away

More and more 17-year-olds are interested in driving a car under the supervision of an experienced mentor, as the law has allowed since January. Since March, they have more than doubled. At the same time, the first sanctions for seventeen-year-old drivers were also added. One has even lost his driver’s license.

In the Czech Republic, even seventeen-year-olds can drive, but they must have a mentor with them. Illustrative photo.

| Photo: Profimedia

Already in the Czech Republic approximately five thousand seventeen-year-olds drive a car. At the beginning of May, 9,488 mentors were registered in the central register of drivers, who supervise 4,989 17-year-old male and female drivers. Compared to March, the numbers almost doubled. “Statistics also confirm the fact that the number of mentors to mentees is roughly double. So it’s probably parents who care about their children’s education and want to continue working with them,” added Aleš Horčička, chairman of the Association of Driving Schools of the Czech Republic.

Hundreds of seventeen-year-old drivers are already legally driving passenger cars in the Czech Republic:

Young drivers often take unnecessary risks on the roads.  The L17 project is helping to

There is interest in driving a car from the age of seventeen in the Czech Republic. Drivers are mainly supervised by parents

At the same time, the first juvenile sinners also appeared. “Driving license has been suspended for two so far seventeen-year-old drivers. One has already lost his driver’s license,” noted František Jemelka, spokesman for the Ministry of Transport.

Likewise, the number of sinners on the list of mentors has grown. Seventy-five drivers had to be eliminated from it. “Those in question have ceased to meet the conditions of mentorship. The reason is either the blocking of the driver’s license, the pronouncement of a ban on driving motor vehicles or the acquisition of points in the point evaluation,” Jemelka pointed out.

Source: Youtube

Driving a seventeen year old under the supervision of an experienced chauffeur is enabled by a change in legislation valid from the beginning of the year. The project called L17 is intended to help educate young and novice drivers. At the end of the year, the Association of Driving Schools of the Czech Republic launched a website dedicated to it. Those interested can not only learn the necessary information there, but also download educational manuals.

L17 is not a purely Czech idea. The experts drew inspiration from Austria and especially from Germany. There is also great interest in similar projects there.

Young people take more risks

Among other things, the novelty on Czech roads is to help “tame” young novice drivers. Although they represent only three percent of motorists, they show a high accident rate. Of the total of almost 95,000 traffic accidents that took place on Czech roads last year, in which 455 people died, one in ten was caused by drivers aged between 18 and 24 and with less than five years of experience. Every eleventh victim was from the beginner group. “The disparity clearly says that there is a need to direct more effort to the education of novice drivers,” he said Minister of Transport Martin Kupka.

In the month of its existence, the new driver’s license for the test has prepared more than two dozen novice drivers for authorization:

Starting this January, drivers in the Czech Republic receive a so-called test driving license.

Probationary Driver: First-timers must go back to driving school or out of luck

The most common cause accidents involving young drivers is primarily high speed. “It is the cause of all traffic accidents in seventeen percent. In the category of young drivers, it is almost thirty percent,” stated Jan Matoušek, Executive Director of the Czech Office of Insurers.

In a survey by the Czech Office of Insurers, more than a quarter of novice motorists admitted to the most frequent fault, i.e. speeding. “Many young and novice drivers have a tendency to take risks, while they cannot estimate their limits at all, and neither can cars, and they also poorly evaluate potential crisis situations,” added traffic expert Roman Budský.

Project L17

• A driving school student can take the final test for a driving license for group B, i.e. for a personal car, after turning 17.

• A 17-year-old driver is only allowed to drive a car under the supervision of an experienced mentor

• The mentor must meet strict criteria. Must have held a Group B driving license for more than ten years. In the last 5 years, he must not have been deprived of the right to drive a motor vehicle in the territory of the Czech Republic and he must not have been serving an administrative sentence or a sentence of prohibition of activity consisting of a ban on driving motor vehicles, he must not have a suspended driver’s license, he must not have any points in the points assessment, he must be entered in the L17 driver’s registration card.

• The mentor must pay attention and advise the young driver while driving. Just like the driver, he must not be under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances.

• An L17 driver may have a maximum of four mentors. However, one mentor can “teach” more than 17-year-old drivers.

• If an L17 driver drives a car without an experienced mentor, he faces not only a fine in the range of 2,500 to 5,000 crowns, but also a driving ban for a period of six months to one year.

Source: Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, PCR

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