Building multifunctional halls started in September last year. Wondering what the workers are working on now? Well, they lay sewers, concrete blocks, radon insulation or install grounding.

Those interested will see the anti-aircraft shelter under the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University on May 18

You can’t normally get inside. This is what it looks like in the anti-aircraft shelter in Brno

Arena Brno is being built in the area of ​​the Brno exhibition center near the Pisarka car park. The hall will do hockey or ball sports. The management of Brno is counting on total costs of 5.76 billion crowns, in this amount there is also a reserve of one billion crowns.

The city also took out a loan for the construction.

Up to 13 thousand viewers

The multifunctional hall is to have two underground and six above-ground floors with an auditorium capacity of up to 13,300 spectators. At the same time, approximately 1,300 parking spaces will be created, of which 150 are directly in the hall.

It should be completed in 33 months, that is in mid-2026.