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The government's emblematic promise to forgive the debt generated by the State Guaranteed...

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He International Criminal Court (ICC) has requested this Monday the issuance of arrest...

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The call for the 2024 Impact Woman Award was opened

Applications for the twelfth version of the Mujer Impacta Award began on April 5 and close on May 19. This recognition makes visible women agents of change, who identify challenges and find innovative solutions to move their communities forward.

According to the Ministry of Health, during 2022 more than 448,000 people were on a waiting list to access dental services. In this context, Mujer Impacta recognized Magdalena Concha, creator of the Sonrisas Foundation, which has guaranteed access to oral health for more than 25 thousand people in different regions of Chile since its creation.

Mujer Impacta, like Magdalena, has awarded 87 women throughout the country and recognized more than 200 social entrepreneurs – in different causes such as environment, health, reintegration, inclusion, early childhood and youth, seniors, territorial development, science and technology, culture and healthy living, education- who seek to generate a positive impact on society.

“Promoting the leadership of women social entrepreneurs is crucial for our country. Through the Mujer Impacta Award, we discover, value and highlight them in each project they undertake, because we believe that this leads us towards a more empathetic, united, human and supportive society,” said María Paz Tagle, Executive Director of Mujer Impacta.

According to the Ipsos Global Health Monitor 2023, 66% of Chileans believe that mental health is the main well-being concern facing the country. “Evanyely Zamorano, Mujer Impacta 2020, created the Summer Foundation that prevents youth suicide. She has given 200 talks in different educational communities, influencing more than 80,000 people directly, for this reason it is important to make a national call to apply for the Mujer Impacta Award,” concluded María Paz Tagle.

Those interested can apply for the Mujer Impacta Award on the website until May 19, 2024. They must complete an online form and include information about their project and social impact. It should be noted that you can register in the first or third person.

Who can apply?

The requirements for applicants are: to be a woman, over 18 years of age, Chilean or foreign, and to be in charge of a current social initiative that works in Chile and contributes to improving people’s lives. The contribution to the community must be within one of the 10 causes proposed by the foundation, which are: education, health, reintegration, early childhood and youth, older adults, inclusion, culture and healthy living, territorial development, environment, science and technology.

Only natural persons and not groups or organizations can apply. You will also need to be able to verify the impact of the initiative through testimonials, videos, descriptions, photos, etc.

What do the winners receive?

Those selected will be part of the Mujer Impacta Network, made up of more than 200 social entrepreneurs who are generating great changes in the country. In this space they will receive growth tools to enhance their leadership with training, connection with other women who like them work to solve social problems, and visibility to publicize their projects.

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