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The biggest problem in the US is illegal immigration. Much bigger than in Europe

/FROM A SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT OF THE WASHINGTON DAILY/ More people speak Spanish in the United States than in Spain itself. And in the capital, African Americans are the most numerous ethnic group. Migration is one of the main topics of the election. Donald Trump calls migrants animals.

Deník reporter Luboš Palata visited the US Congress building

| Video: Deník/Luboš Palata

During a small reception at the Hudson Institute in Washington, where the Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala delivered the most important speech his American travels, one of the guests starts talking to the waitress. He asks her in Spanish and makes sure, so to speak. “I’m from Bolivia,” says a pretty woman in her thirties happily in her native tongue, and then briefly describes her story. “It was difficult, but I’m glad to be here and of course legally,” she states. “I worked as a journalist at home,” she adds.

When asked if she regrets not being able to work in her field in the US, she just shrugs. “That’s life.”

The Czech Republic is a country that has a lot to offer the USA:

During his visit to the USA, Prime Minister Petr Fiala dined with Czech and American investors

Czechs are investing billions in the USA, Fiala boasted. But the point is that it is not an escape

The United States is growing before our eyes. In 1990, they had 250 million inhabitants, today about 335 million. During that time, the population of the Czech Republic increased from about ten million at eleven today.

The newspaper went to the USA with Prime Minister Petr Fiala. And he prepared information for you right from the spot. Articles you you can read HERE.

The rapidly rising curve does not change shape, and immigration contributes to population growth in addition to the still relatively high birth rate. Mainly from Latin America. The United States has the second largest Spanish-speaking community after Mexico. This language is spoken by over 52 million inhabitants there, which is even more than in Spain.

How the ethnic and national composition of the United States is changing can be seen even in its capital. Washington DC is one of those parts USAwhere white Americans are a minority and non-Spanish speakers even smaller.

Almost one and three-quarters of a million Americans claim to be of Czech origin:

Diary in the USA: In the United States, almost one and three-quarters of a million Americans claim to be of Czech origin.

Czechs in the US often want to vote for Trump. To protect them from communism

In a city of about 700,000, where a relatively large part of the population is employed by federal ministries and offices, almost half of the population is African-American. Even in 2010, there were most of them. Only a little more than a third of Americans are white, one in twenty residents of Washington is Asian, and over eleven percent of people speak Spanish as their first language in the US capital.

In general across the United States, white Americans are still in the majority, though only just above fifty percent.

African Americans and Latinos are everywhere

The fact that “whites” do not have the upper hand in Washington manifests itself in different ways. For example, the vast majority of police officers you meet are African American. Fit blacks also make up the vast majority of security President Joe Bidenthat is, at least the one that Czech journalists had during visits to the White House possibility to see.

The security forces also include a large number of Latinos, as Spanish-speaking residents are called. You will also meet them in many other places: in fast food restaurants, cafes, supermarkets. Compared to African Americans, they have one specificity. Sometimes it happens that the staff of the cafe talk to each other in Spanish and you just don’t understand them. But it is nothing so special. In places where Polish minorities are strong, for example in Chicago, there is sometimes a joke that when asked if a person has improved his English during his work stay there, the person asked answers “not much, but I learned Polish well”.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala met with US President Joe Biden. How was the meeting?

Prime Minister Petr Fiala met with US President Joe Biden at the White House.  And the reporter of Deník Luboš Palata was there.

Two Czech hours in the bowels of the White House: What Petr Fiala did with Joe Biden

Immigration, especially illegal immigration, is perhaps an even bigger issue in the United States than in Europe. Past President Donald Trump after all, he tried to build a wall against migrants on the southern border of the USA, especially in the sections where the border is not formed by the Rio Grande River. This was not entirely successful, but in many places the wall really stands.

Estimates for 2023 show that over a million immigrants, mostly illegal, have come to the US. The US authorities managed to thwart approximately three times the number of attempts to cross the border. Some immigrants try to cross the border repeatedly. Just until it works.

Migrants are animals

In addition to the population of Latin America, other nationalities and ethnicities also use the migration route to the United States. Tens of thousands of Chinese and Indians also tried to enter the US illegally through this route. Many are under the pressure that if former President Donald Trump wins, border security and access to immigrants may become so tough that it won’t work anymore.

After all, Trump is constantly intensifying his rhetoric against migrants. “Democrats are saying, ‘Please don’t call them animals, they’re people.’ I said, ‘No, they’re not people, they’re not people. They are animals,'” he declared a few days ago at a meeting with voters in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Visiting the President of the United States is a great privilege:

White House.  Illustrative image

Czech Prime Minister at the US President: Apart from Poland, we are the only one from Eastern Europe

Czechs are not among the nationalities that want to enter the US illegally in larger numbers in the last decade. Therefore citizens of the Czech Republic they have essentially visa-free contact with the United States, although they must use the ESTA electronic registration form. However, this does not apply to work or student and exchange stays, for which a visa is also necessary for the Czech Republic.

Immigration to the US also affects events in Europe. Disagreement on migration between Republicans and Democrats in Congress is one of the reasons for the crisis surrounding US aid Ukrainewhich failed to be approved for several months.

Reporter Luboš Palata in front of the Congress building, where decisions are made about American aid to Ukraine:

Source: Deník/Luboš Palata

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