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The beach: Mystery, love and human stories that shock

The beach: Mystery, love and human stories that shock

The highly anticipated drama series “The beach“, based on the novel “The Girl with the Snail” by Penelope Kourtzis, directed by Stefanos Blatsos and written by Giorgos Chrysovitsanou and Costas Gerampini, will be broadcast from Monday to Friday, at 22:45. What we will see in the episodes until Friday, September 8.

The beach: Tuesday, September 5, 2023, time 22:45

Episode 2: The mourning for the murder and the anxiety to find the murderer has shaken the village of Matala, but more than all Hypatia herself. The villagers seem shocked by the incident, as such a murder is unprecedented for the place.

The small community of Matala begins to treat the hippie community with suspicion and puts pressure on the sheriff and the local constable to find the killer immediately. The case attracts the interest of the General Security of Athens, which decides to send one of its most experienced police officers, the perceptive Andreas Karachalios, to Matala.

The beach: Wednesday, September 6, 2023, time 22:45

Episode 3: New elements are coming to be added to the case of the murder that has disturbed the village of Matala. A chain found at the crime scene brings to light new evidence about the unexpected demise. Constable Karachalios interrogates Pete and Harry and reveals important information about the time of the murder.

Hypatia’s meeting with Harry brings her face to face with herself and her feelings. At the same time, Grantos meets Sifis and they plan the sale of a plot of land, which as everything seems to be the cornerstone of the scandal. The villagers are now visibly divided, between those who support the hippies and those who view them with suspicion.

The beach: Thursday, September 7, 2023, time 22:45

Episode 4: The whole village participates in the funeral and the emotional reactions of those present are intense, as pain and sadness prevail over the unjust loss of the young lady. Karahalios approaches Siphis to learn more about the night of the murder, as the community questions Pete’s guilt.

Pete is quickly freed from Karachalio and returns to the commune much to the relief of the hippies. Hypatia and Harry grow closer by offering help to an injured hippie and develop a special relationship. Is what unites them stronger than all that divides them?

The beach: Friday, September 8, 2023, time 22:45

Episode 5: Hypatia and her beloved uncle, Dimitros, spend a pleasant day together exploring the archaeological site of Phaistos, despite Nikolina’s objections. Pete openly expresses his concerns to Karahalio about who the killer might be.

Harry invites Hypatia to accompany him on his non-profit medical visits to the villages in the area as he needs extra help from an equally skilled doctor in caring for the local residents. A very strong connection begins to develop between them.

They play: Danai Michalakis (Ypatia Archontakis), Dimitris Mothonaios (Harry Pierce), Alexandros Logothetis (Dionysis Archontakis), Iulika Skafidas (Antigone Archontakis), Nicholas Papagiannis (Grantos Mavritsakis), Demosthenes Papadopoulos (Loizos Androulidakis), Gogo Kartsana (Maria Zafiiraki), Dimitris Xanthopoulos (Sifis Geronymakis), Dimitris Kitsos (Pavlos Archontakis), Eleanna Stravodimou (Natalie Pascal), Alexander Perros (Mark Benson), Maria Bagana (Nona Zinovaki), Alexander Moukanos (Pope-Nicolas Mavritsakis), Nikos Karagiorgis (Pantelis Arvanitakis), Efstathia Tsapareli (Kerasia Mavritsakis), Xenia Dania (Tess Wilson), Marthilia Svarna (Laura Brown), George Savvidis (Tommy Baker), Stefanos Mouagier (Steve Miller), Alexandros Sidiropoulos-Alex Sid (Brian Taylor), Takis Sakellariou (Kostas Zafirakis), Katerina Lipiridou (Eleni Androulidakis), Noni Ioannidou (Anna Tsambourakis), George Yiannopoulos (Manolis Papagiannakis), Nancy Buckley (Rinio Geronymakis), Prometheus Neratini (Ilias Papadomichelakis), Veroniki Kyriakopoulou (Veronica Thompson)

In the role of Pete Ferguson o Kostas Nikoulis
In the role of Giorgos Pavlopoulos o Yannis Koukourakis
In the role of Nikitas Tsambourakis, George Michalakis
In the role of Andreas Karahalios o Makis Papadimitriou
In the role of Nikolina Archontakis, Betty Livanou
And in the role of Dimitros Archontakis o George Ninios

Scenario: Giorgos Chrysovitsanos, Kostas Gerampinis
Directed by: Stefanos Blatsos
Directors: Evi Vardakis, Christos Zacharakis
Photo address: Andreas Goulos, Angelos Papadopoulos
Scenography: Sophia Zouberi
Clothing: Ninetta Zaharopoulou
Makeup: Lia Protopappa, Elli Kriara
Sound engineering: Panagiotis Psimmenos, Andreas Govas
Montage: Christos Markakis
Music-Lyrics: Alex Sid, Dimitris Nasios (Quasamodo)
Music editing: Asimakis Kontogiannis
Casting: French hero
Project manager: Orestis Plakias
Production Organization: Spyros Savvas, Dimitris Apostolidis
Producer: Stelios Kotionis
executive producer: Vassilis Chrysanthopoulos
Production: ERT

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