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The 2024 World Hockey Championship program: When will the Czechs compete and the complete schedule of the tournament

Hockey fever is rising. The Czechs are preparing for the World Championships in Prague and Ostrava in May. The World Cup returns to the heart of Europe after nine years, and fans of the national team believe in a medal. What is the schedule of the WC in the Czech Republic and when do the Czechs play? The diary provides a complete schedule of the matches of the tournament.

Fan euphoria will flood the entire Czech Republic during the World Cup in May

| Photo: Deník/ Petr Tibitanzl

World Championship in Prague and Ostrava will start on Friday, May 10 and will continue until May 26, when the medal fights are on the program.

Czech Republic in Group A in Prague:
Friday 10 May 20:20 Czech Republic – Finland
Saturday 11 May 20:20 Norway – Czech Republic
Monday 13 May 20:20 Switzerland – Czech Republic
Wednesday 15 May 16:20 Czech Republic – Denmark
Friday 17 May 20:20 Czech Republic – Austria
Saturday 18 May 20:20 Czech Republic – Great Britain
Tuesday 21 May 16:20 Canada – Czech Republic

Home team led by a coach Radim Rulík will start the tournament campaign for the golden dream on the very opening day with a match against Finland.

In Group A in Prague, they will also face Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Great Britain and defending champion Canada.

The organizers believe that they will succeed in making the whole Czech Republic crazy, just like in 2015, when the championship’s attendance was record 741,690 spectators.

“We want to create fever, euphoria in our republic, so that we can become fans again and hockey remains a national sport. And if everything was topped off with a medal at the end, ideally a gold one, it would be the most beautiful thing that could be,” said former national team member Jiří Šlégr, who himself experienced the championship in the Czech Republic as a player in 2004.

David Pastrnak

Everyone knows how I feel about reps, says Pastrňák. But now he’s only thinking about the Stanley Cup

Those who want to experience the championship for themselves should not delay in purchasing a ticket. Tickets for the key quarter-final, in which the Czech team, which has never been in the play-off gates in history, should be presented, can be bought for 2,390 crowns. In the case of promotion from the regular season, the national team will enter the play-offs on Thursday, May 23 from 20:20.

World Cup 2024 programme

Group A – O2 Arena, Prague:
Friday 10/5/16:20 Switzerland – Norway
Friday 10 May 20:20 Czechia – Finland
Saturday 11/5/12:20 Great Britain – Canada
Saturday 11/5/16:20 Austria – Denmark
Saturday 11/5/20:20 Norway – Czechia
Sunday 12/5/12:20 Finland – Great Britain
Sunday 12/5/16:20 Denmark – Canada
Sunday 12 May 20:20 Austria – Switzerland
Monday 13/5/16:20 Norway – Finland
Monday 13/5/20:20 Switzerland – Czechia
Tuesday 14/5/16:20 Denmark – Norway
Tuesday 14/5/20:20 Canada – Austria
Wednesday 5/15 4:20 p.m Czechia – Denmark
Wednesday 15/5/20:20 Switzerland – Great Britain
Thursday 16/5/16:20 Finland – Austria
Thursday 16/5/20:20 Canada – Norway
Friday 17/5/16:20 Great Britain – Denmark
Friday, May 17, 8:20 p.m Czechia – Austria
Saturday 18/5/12:20 Denmark – Switzerland
Saturday 18/5/16:20 Canada – Finland
Saturday 18 May 20:20 Czechia – Great Britain
Sunday 19/5/16:20 Norway – Austria
Sunday 19/5/20:20 Switzerland – Canada
Monday 20/5/16:20 Great Britain – Norway
Monday 20/5/19:20 Finland – Denmark
Tuesday 21/5/12:20 Austria – Great Britain
Tuesday 21/5/16:20 Canada – Czechia
Tuesday 21/5/20:20 Finland – Switzerland

Group B – Ostravar Arena, Ostrava:
Friday 10 May 16:20 Slovakia – Germany
Friday 10/5/20:20 Sweden – USA
Saturday 11/5/12:20 France – Kazakhstan
Saturday 11/5/16:20 Poland – Latvia
Saturday 11/5/20:20 USA – Germany
Sunday 5/12 12:20 Slovakia – Kazakhstan
Sunday 12/5/16:20 Latvia – France
Sunday 12/5/20:20 Sweden – Poland
Monday 13 May 16:20 USA – Slovakia
Monday 13/5/20:20 Germany – Sweden
Tuesday 14/5/16:20 Kazakhstan – Latvia
Tuesday 14/5/20:20 Poland – France
Wednesday 15/5/16:20 Germany – Latvia
Wednesday 15 May 20:20 Slovakia – Poland
Thursday 16/5/16:20 Kazakhstan – Sweden
Thursday 16/5/20:20 USA – France
Friday 17/5/16:20 Germany – Kazakhstan
Friday 17/5/20:20 Poland – USA
Saturday 18/5/12:20 Latvia – Sweden
Saturday 18/5/16:20 Germany – Poland
Saturday 18 May 20:20 France – Slovakia
Sunday 19/5/16:20 USA – Kazakhstan
Sunday 19/5/20:20 Slovakia – Latvia
Monday 20/5/16:20 Sweden – France
Monday 20/5/19:20 Kazakhstan – Poland
Tuesday 21/5/12:20 France – Germany
Tuesday 21/5/16:20 Latvia – USA
Tuesday 21/5/20:20 Sweden – Slovakia

Thursday 23. 5.
16:20 1st quarter-final – Prague
16:20 1st quarter-final – Ostrava
20:20 2nd quarter-final – Prague
20:20 2nd quarter-final – Ostrava
Saturday 5/25
14:20 1st semi-final – Prague
18:20 2nd semi-final – Prague
Sunday 5/26
15:20 match for 3rd place – Prague
20:20 final – Prague

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