Bartůňková last took the court in mid-April at a clay tournament in Switzerland. Surprisingly, she was eliminated in the first round with outsider Francesca Curmi from Malta. Since then, she has not appeared on the court.

Simona Halep

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The Wimbledon junior finalist cannot compete in any official international tournaments organized by the ITF or WTA. Bartůňková has her activities suspended due to a positive doping test to trimetazidine.

Better physical stamina?

Doping commissioners they found a banned substance in two samples from ITF W50 in Trnava in February 2024 and ITF W75 in Maribor in March 2024. Trimetazidine is used in many countries for the treatment of angina pectoris. It is on the banned substance list because it is said to help improve physical endurance.

“Both February and March samples were divided into A and B samples, and subsequent analysis found that A samples contained the banned trimetazidine, which is classified as a hormone and metabolic modulator. Analysis of the B samples has since confirmed the findings in the A samples,” she said International Tennis Integrity Agency.

Bartůňková has had the season of her life, when she triumphed three times on clay events W25 and improved her ranking maximum to 226th place.