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SYRIZA Elections: The final results for the presidential election

KEFE announces a repeat election for Sunday, September 24, 2023 between Ahtsioglou Efi and Kasselaki Stefanou.

The final results from the elections for the nomination of the president of SYRIZA, were released by the Central Electoral Elections Committee.

According to the official announcement, after the integration of all the voters in 537 of the 537 Electoral Divisions and through the electronic voting of foreign voters, the results are as follows:

  • 148,821 members of SYRIZA – PS voted.
  • Valid ballots: 147,821
  • White: 293
  • Void: 1220

On the valid ones they received:

  • Stefanos Kasselakis: 44.91% (66,156 votes)
  • Ahtsioglou Efi: 36.18% (53,292 votes)
  • Tsakalotos Euclid: 8.93% (13,156 votes)
  • Nikos Pappas: 8.68% (12,787 votes)
  • Tzoumakas Stefanos: 1.3% (1,917 votes)

Based on the above result, “KEFE announces a repeat election for Sunday, September 24, 2023 between, in alphabetical order: Ahtsioglou Efi and Kasselaki Stefanou”. He notes, finally, that the above decision was taken unanimously.

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