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Sudden onset of winter causes cars to slide |

It snowed heavily in northern and eastern Hesse on Sunday night. The sudden onset of winter caused trees to snap and caused traffic delays on many roads. Meteorologists do not expect a change in the weather for at least a week.

Many drivers have probably already put on their summer tires, but winter tires would still be appropriate this April. A few centimeters of snow fell in northern and eastern Hesse on Sunday night – and not just at higher altitudes. This caused disruptions on some streets and highways, and the police spoke of a tense situation on Sunday morning.

The main problem was the A7 between Kassel and Lutterberg, where, according to the police, several vehicles got stuck. In the northbound direction, the motorway was completely closed between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. There was also a temporary standstill on the A4.

In addition, as a result of the sudden onset of winter, numerous trees toppled over or branches broke off. The A4 between Niederaula (Hersfeld-Rotenburg) and Hünfeld/Schlitz was also affected on Sunday morning, in both directions significant traffic disruptions. But also some federal and state roads were blocked – for example the B3 near Fuldatal (Kassel) or the B7 between Kaufungen and Helsa (both Kassel).

Ten centimeters of snow in just a few hours

According to the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach, the measured fresh snow depths were “decent”. For example, ten centimeters fell in Bad Hersfeld in just a few hours, seven centimeters fell in Fulda-Horas and five centimeters in Liebenau-Haueda (Kassel). “Apart from the DWD stations, even higher sums are possible,” explained a spokesman.

By midday the snowfall continued south, with sleet even falling in Frankfurt. The roads in the Taunus became dangerously slippery, so a bus and several cars got stuck on the L3025 near Schmitten-Niederreifenberg (Hochtaunus).

Snowfall on the access road to Feldberg

Warning of snowfall in the forest

According to current knowledge, no one was injured in the weather-related accidents. The police strongly recommended that you avoid driving.

The weather is also not without danger for pedestrians: the police warned that one should not enter forests at the moment: there is a danger to life there because of falling trees.

In Schlüchtern (Main-Kinzig), Petersberg (Fulda) and Hofgeismar (Kassel) there was a temporary power outage on Sunday because trees had fallen onto power lines. Despite the tense weather conditions, rail traffic remained relatively stable: However, an overhead line was broken between Kassel and Hamm in North Rhine-Westphalia, which meant that some trains were canceled on the route.

Mulled wine at the spring market

The weather forecast for the coming days does not indicate any improvement: This is due to a “new surge of cold air from Scandinavia,” says hr meteorologist Michael Köckritz. There will also be rain, sleet and sometimes even snow. “It appears that this will continue well into next week,” said Köckritz.

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Snow! Winter is coming back

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After summer intermezzo The temperatures have plummeted, heating, wool blankets and winter jackets are celebrating their comeback in Hesse these days. In Weilburg, mulled wine and children’s punch are served again at the spring market on the weekend.

Night frost is coming back

The changeable, rainy weather is actually normal for April. The problem is the sharp drop in temperature, says Köckritz. It went from up to 27 degrees to currently below 10 degrees.

The hypothermic April even brings frost again in Hesse. The hr weather expert predicts that it could get as cold as -5 degrees regionally on the nights of Monday and Tuesday. For the garden this means: Sensitive plants should be protected or, ideally, not planted in the bed at all become.

Only warmer again from the end of April

In the low mountain ranges it could even be enough to go sledding again on Sunday. “But the snow is no longer as dry as it was in midwinter, it collapses and thaws,” explains Köckritz.

The question remains: When will it be springy and warm again? Temperatures could increase slightly towards the last weekend in April. However, Michael Köckritz dampens expectations: “I don’t see 20 degrees. If it gets to 15, we should consider ourselves lucky.”

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