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Suarez speaks out about being rejected by Flamengo

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In an interview for the magazine Scoreboard, Luis Suárez confirmed a story told some time ago in Brazil. So, the Grêmio striker admitted to having been rejected by Flamengo at the beginning of his career as a football player. Incidentally, the Uruguayan number 9 considered that he deserved the veto of the then scout Andrade, former red-black midfielder and who would be the Brazilian champion coach in 2009.

The possibility of Suárez playing for Flamengo happened in 2006. Then, Andrade decided to observe the 19-year-old striker in Montevideo. At the time, the future pistolero he was treated as a National revelation. However, the red-black scout failed the future star of world football in Gávea.

17 years later, already consecrated and acting for the first time in Brazil with the Grêmio shirt, Luis Suárez acknowledged that he did not perform well in front of Andrade’s eyes. “Flamengo went to see me play, they told me there was interest, but they didn’t like it. At that time I missed many goals. And it’s normal… Many situations happen with young players of 17, 18 years old who go, do tests in other teams and don’t do well”, declared the Uruguayan to the magazine Scoreboard.

Andrade watched two of Suarez’s games and didn’t like it

In an interview for ge.globe in 2013, Andrade gave his version of the story and said he made the right decision by not recommending Suárez to Flamengo. “I don’t regret it, no. Football is time. At that time, he was 19 years old. I went to see a tournament (in Uruguay), and it didn’t perform well. He was still a kid, inexperienced, and I really didn’t give the go-ahead. I had another observer with me, Ibson’s father (former Flamengo midfielder), and he wasn’t thrilled either”, revealed the former coach.

Four years later, in an interview with the defunct channel Interactive sport, Andrade lamented, justifying that new players have ups and downs. “I think I was unlucky, I caught him (Suárez) at a time when he wasn’t doing very well. I saw two of his games, and he really didn’t do well, “he recalled.

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