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Structural engineer confirms serious defects in the sports hall at Fulda University |

Once again it was no longer allowed to enter a university building in Hesse – this time a sports hall at Fulda University. Initial signs of defects were discovered during investigations into a planned renovation. Now the suspicion has been confirmed.

The preventive closure of a sports hall at Fulda University has proven to be justified. As the facility announced on Tuesday, a structural engineer had identified several defects in the building.

Among other things, the roof structure and some ceiling beams were overloaded. In the case of wooden beams in the area of ​​the escape stairwell, “their load-bearing capacity is no longer guaranteed”. However, there was no risk of collapse, the university emphasized. Several areas are currently being additionally supported.

The renovation work will begin in 2025

The so-called Building 45 will be given a new purpose in the future. According to the university, the plan is to convert the building into a self-study center with open workstations. The renovation work is planned from spring 2025.

The estimated costs for the renovation are around 3.8 million euros, which are to be financed through the federal-state program “Future Contract to Strengthen Study and Teaching”.

Closing after routine inspection

The Fulda University closed the building on Thursday last week for security reasons. After a routine inspection in connection with the planned renovation, it was decided to close building 45 for the time being, the university announced at the time. The building was originally intended to continue to be used, as a spokeswoman explained.

A sign with the inscription "Danger!  Building 45 will remain closed until further notice" is attached to a door.

There was a sports hall in the building and part of the social affairs department was also housed there.

Lecture halls in Gießen and Darmstadt closed

Three months ago, the Justus Liebig University of Giessen had one Lecture hall closed for security reasons – due to damage to a ceiling. Also a Lecture hall of the TU Darmstadt was blocked last December. There are increasing signs that some components may “no longer be sufficiently stable”.

At the beginning of December, the ceiling of a lecture hall at Marburg’s Philipps University collapsed. No one was injured and no one was in the building at the time. As the university announced, the affected person can Buildings will not be used for months.

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