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Storm hits Hesse – Frankfurt badly affected |

Violent storms hit parts of Hesse. The fire brigade was in constant operation around Frankfurt. A highway was closed and water was pumped out in three hospitals. A police station in Idstein was under water.

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Storms rage over Frankfurt and Rhine-Main

A man picks up hailstones from a street with one hand during a storm in Frankfurt

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Heavy rain, hail, lightning and thunder: On Thursday evening, severe thunderstorms and storms swept across southern Hesse. The Rhine-Main area was particularly hit hard. The fire brigade was in constant use in Frankfurt and Offenbach. Rail traffic was also affected.

In Frankfurt Due to heavy rain, mainly basements and some apartments were full, as a spokesman for the fire department reported. For a while it was hailing so much that sports fields were completely white. A van and a car got stuck in a flooded underpass.

Bach swells in record time

The fire department in Ober-Eschbach district of Bad Homburg reported that the eponymous stream had swollen significantly within a short period of time and overflowed its banks. A number of people were trapped in their houses by the flood. Loud Data According to the Hessian State Office for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology (HLNUG), the water level rose by more than two meters within just over an hour.

In the Bad Homburg city center Several people had to be rescued who were trapped in their cars on flooded streets. “We had around 100 operations in the city because of the storm,” said fire department operations manager Daniel Guischard.

Graphic from the State Office for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology, showing how much the Eschbach in Ober-Eschbach swelled within a few hours on May 2nd

Intensive care unit full, roads closed

In some places trees snapped and branches fell onto the streets. In the Bethanien Hospital in Frankfurt-Bornheim, the intensive care unit had to be pumped out. Water had seeped in from the sewer system.

“We were able to contain the damage relatively quickly and prevent it from spreading,” said a fire department spokesman. The fire department sucked out the water early in the evening using special equipment. Patient care was not in danger, said Nursing Director Michelle Berg: “Our employees reacted quickly and professionally.”

Water also ran into the basement of the Markus Hospital in Frankfurt-Bockenheim, as the fire department reported. The Hochtaunus Clinics in Bad Homburg also had to contend with water intrusion.

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Heavy hailstorm on Frankfurter Dornbusch

Hailstones have turned a sports field in Frankfurt-Dornbusch white

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Streets were also flooded, such as the A3 between Offenbacher Kreuz and Seligenstadt. A 15 kilometer long traffic jam arose here.

The A661 had to go north-east of Frankfurt closed in both directions due to flooded roadway. The closure affected the area between the Eckenheim and Friedberger Landstraße junctions. The Eschbach, which was flooded, flows nearby.

In Offenbach Numerous cellars and garages were full. Several streets were also flooded, the fire department said. The focus of the fire brigade operations was the north end and the city center. Over 100 emergency services from the fire department, police and emergency services as well as THW, DRK and ASB were on site.

Main Street was completely under water at times in the evening. The police had to temporarily block them.

In Idstein (Hochtaunus) Water ran into the police station and as a result the emergency call was lost that evening. The district court was also affected. The police station’s underground car park filled up so quickly that the gate could no longer be opened. Several emergency vehicles were parked in the water.

Rail traffic affected

Rail and local transport was also affected by the storm. On all S-Bahn lines There were disruptions to and from Frankfurt in the evening, as the RMV transport association announced. In the Frankfurt South Station lightning also struck. There were also cancellations and delays on the trams.

At the airport Frankfurt No machines were routinely loaded or unloaded during the storm. This serves to protect the staff, explained a spokesman for the airport operator Fraport.

There is still a risk of severe weather in several districts

The German Weather Service (DWD) had warned of thunderstorms with hail and heavy rain of up to 40 liters per square meter within a short period of time. In large parts of Hesse the weather situation calmed down again on Friday night. However, it still existed in the morning Severe weather warnings for heavy rain for seven districts – among other things for the Hochtaunus district, which was already badly affected by the storm.

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Severe storm over Frankfurt

Flooded road on the A661 near Frankfurt

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