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Instead of a hernia,...

A medical miracle, that's what the story of a seventy-six-year-old patient who came...

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Stories and numbers from date 11 of the 2024 National Tournament

Universidad de Chile remains at the top of the standings, in a weekend that left many stories.

“I am celebrating as a rider for my friends who are riders. Greetings to the riders of the Equestrian Club,” the Palestino striker told TNT Sports. Bryan Carrasco just finished the 3-1 over Deportes Copiapó in La Cisterna. The attacker scored one of his team’s goals from a penalty kick, an issue that was discussed in the post-match interview.

“I haven’t kicked a penalty in a while. I trust my penalty a lot even if the goalkeepers study me. “It’s going to be difficult for them to catch me.”, expressed Carrasco. We’ll see what happens in the next releases…

Bryan Carrasco scoring from a penalty.  The man has faith.
Bryan Carrasco scoring from a penalty. The man has faith.

Richard Paredes He saved Santiago Morning from a defeat against Santiago Wanderers in La Pintana, for Primera B. With this, the attacker reached five goals on his personal account: “There are five that we want to double, triple”. We will see…

Cristián Dubó is the name of the defender Union San Felipe who, for the second consecutive game, had the misfortune of scoring an own goal: against Rangers last night at Aconcagua, and this weekend in favor of Universidad de Concepción at Ester Roa Rebolledo. And to make matters worse, the defender was replaced at halftime of the duel against the Penquistas…

Better days will come.

Alvaro Ramoswith his penalty goal against Universidad de Chile, equaled Manuel Villalobos as the top scorer in the history of Deportes Iquique with 82 celebrations.

In the Second Division of Chilean soccer, Arturo Fernández Vial and General Velásquez tied 1-1 at the Ester Roa Rebolledo stadium, in Concepción, last Friday. The match was played under heavy rain and a strong wind that, just before starting the second half, knocked down the bench of the aurinegro team!

The Universidad de Concepción vs. matches were later played on that same field. Unión San Felipe on Saturday, and Universidad de Chile vs. Sports Iquique on Sunday thanks to special works financed by the U.

This weekend there was also the Chile Cup. In Talca, and in the stage that brings together the amateur soccer teams, the local Youth Seminar defeated 1-0 The Lucero of Chillán and will face in the next phase Magellanfrom the First B.

In this fight, which was played at the Fiscal Stadium last Saturday, the Friendship Cup was at stake, whose trophy was awarded to the winner Juvenil Seminario. However, The players from the Seminario neighborhood team presented the cup to their Chilanejo peers that, despite being physically and technically surpassed, they gave nothing away and were worthy and loyal adversaries.

An ending to applaud and a great lesson that amateur football delivers.

Curiously, it also happened in the Talquino Prosecutor’s Office, but in reverse. For the First B, United Curico They beat Rangers 3-2 and, in this way, achieved their first victory in history playing in the capital of the Maule Region in long tournaments, whether First B or First Division.

At the end of the match, and ignoring the fact that the historical statistics continue to favor Rangers (total of 27 red-and-black wins, 15 draws and 13 unlucky victories in all official competitions), a photograph of a poster was published on Curicó Unidos’ social networks. It was posted in the dressing room used in the Prosecutor’s Office. “The true giant of Maule”according to them.

And although the status of a corporation is true, the truth is that this thermos poster is an example of what No It must be done in victory. Ultimately, something unnecessary and that overshadows the legitimate celebration of the fans of the band sangre.

With his two goals against O’Higgins in Rancagua, Ignacio Jeraldino reached Steffan Pino as the top scorer so far in the championship.

  • With 7 goals: Ignacio Jeraldino (Audax Italiano); Steffan Pino (Deportes Iquique).
  • With 6 goals: Rodrigo Contreras (Everton); Cristián Palacios (University of Chile).
  • With 4 goals: Diego Coelho (Cobresal); Luciano Cabral (Coquimbo Kingdom); Edson Puch (Deportes Iquique), Bryan Rabello (O’Higgins); Gabriel Graciani (Ñublense); Fernando Zampedri (Catholic University); Franco Frías (Spanish Union); Pedro Sánchez (Ñublense).
  • With 3 goals: Bairon Monroy, Cristián Insaurralde (Cobreloa); César Munder (Cobresal); Damián Pizarro (Colo Colo); Martín Mundaca (Coquimbo Kingdom); Maximiliano Quinteros (Deportes Copiapó); Braian Martínez (Everton); Bryan Carrasco, Cristián Suárez (Palestino); Emmanuel Gigliotti (Unión La Calera); Gonzalo Tapia (Catholic University); Luciano Pons, Leandro Fernández, Maximiliano Guerrero (University of Chile); Valentín Adamo, Fernando Ovelar, Pablo Aránguiz, Diego González, Emiliano Vecchio (Spanish Union); Patricio Rubio (Ñublense).
  • With 2 goals: Alessandro Riep, Gonzalo Álvarez, Gonzalo Ríos (Audax Italiano), Marco Borgnino (Cobreloa); Leonardo Valencia (Cobresal); Arturo Vidal, Carlos Palacios (Colo Colo); Andrés Chávez, Nicolás Johansen (Coquimbo Kingdom); Juan Carlos Gaete, Tobías Figueroa (Deportes Copiapó); Lázaro Romero, Álvaro Ramos (Deportes Iquique); Federico Martínez (Everton); Maximiliano Gutiérrez, Cris Martínez (Huachipato); Simón Contreras (O’Higgins); Gonzalo Sosa, Joe Abrigo (Palestino); Alexander Aravena, Nicolás Castillo (Catholic University); Bernardo Cerezo, Bayron Oyarzo (Ñublense).
  • With 1 goal: Santiago Dittborn (Audax Italiano); Christian Bravo, Gastón Rodríguez, Luis García (Cobreloa); Diego Céspedes, Franco García, Leandro Navarro, Julio Castro, Sergio Carrasco (Cobresal); Daniel Gutiérrez, Erick Wiemberg, Esteban Pavez, Lucas Cepeda, Matías Moya, Maximiliano Falcón, Marcos Bolados (Colo Colo); Bruno Cabrera; Benjamín Chandía, Cristopher Barrera, Matías Alvarado, Sebastián Cabrera (Coquimbo Unidos); Yerko González, Diego García, Bryan Soto, Franco Torres, Juan Jaime, Nicolás Vargas (Deportes Copiapó); Diego Orellana, Hans Salinas, Agustín Nadruz, Enzo Hoyos, Rubén Farfán (Deportes Iquique); Benjamín Berríos, Tomás Asta-Buruaga, Álvaro Madrid, Bruno Betancor (Everton); Dylan Oyarzún, Claudio Sepúlveda, Imanol González, Maximiliano Rodríguez (Huachipato); Diego Buonanotte, Yerko Leiva, Arnaldo Castillo, Esteban Calderón, Octavio Bianchi, (O’Higgins); Junior Marabel, Ariel Martínez, Brayan Véjar (Palestino); César Pérez, Luciano Aued, Diego Ulloa, Walter Ponce; Franco Soldano, Matías Muñoz (Unión La Calera); Clemente Montes (Catholic University); Nicolás Guerra, Israel Poblete, Fabián Hormazábal, Marcelo Morales (University of Chile); Ariel Uribe Jonathan Villagra, Stefano Magnasco (Spanish Union); Flavio Moya, Jovanny Campusano, Lorenzo Reyes (Ñublense).
  • Own goals: Sebastián Pereyra (Everton, in favor of Deportes Iquique), César Rigamonti (Palestino, in favor of Universidad de Chile), Diego González (Cobreloa, in favor of Everton).
  • Palestino 3-1 Deportes Copiapó (Cristián Suárez 6′, Junior Marabel 24′, Bryan Carrasco 31; Maximiliano Quinteros 14′).
  • Coquimbo Kingdom 3-1 Huachipato (Nicolás Johansen 11′ and 57, Bruno Cabrera 19′; Dylan Oyarzún 80′)
  • Cobresal 2-2 Colo Colo (Diego Coelho 36′ and 72′; Damián Pizarro 2′, Arturo Vidal 45+3′).
  • Spanish Union 1-2 Catholic University (Valentín Adamo 88′; Clemente Montes 57′, Fernando Zampedri 65′).
  • Unión La Calera 2-1 Ñublense (Emmanuel Gigliotti 65′, César Pérez 72′; Pedro Sánchez 55′).
  • Cobreloa 1-2 Everton (Cristián Insaurralde 48′; Diego González, own goal 5′, Federico Martínez 26′).
  • University of Chile 2-2 Deportes Iquique (Cristián Palacios 56′, Luciano Pons 66′; Álvaro Ramos 7′, Diego Orellana 54′).
  • O’Higgins 0-5 Audax Italiano (Ignacio Jeraldino 15′ and 90+4′, Gonzalo Ríos 40′ and 61′, and Santiago Dittborn 90+11′).
  • Huachipato vs. Spanish Union
  • Catholic University vs. O’Higgins
  • Everton vs. Cobresal
  • Sports Copiapó vs. Copperloa
  • Audax Italiano vs. Colo Colo
  • Sports Iquique vs. Ñublense
  • Union La Calera vs. University of Chile
  • Coquimbo Kingdom vs. Palestinian
  • Deportes Temuco 1-1 Deportes Santa Cruz (Vicente Concha 66′; Cristopher Ojeda 90′).
  • Barnechea 3-0 Magallanes (Joaquín Larrivey 17′, Julián Alfaro 28′, Claudio Zamorano 58′).
  • Santiago Morning 1-1 Santiago Wanderers (Richard Paredes 90+5′; Carlos Muñoz 70′).
  • University of Concepción 2-1 Unión San Felipe (Ignacio Herrera 31′, Cristián Dubó, own goal 45+2′; Gonzalo Jara 45′).
  • San Luis 1-0 Deportes Recoleta (Martin Garnerone 40′).
  • Deportes Antofagasta 1-2 Deportes Limache (José Bandez 27′; Felipe Flores 19′, Facundo Juárez 72′).
  • Rangers 2-3 Curicó Unidos (Milton Alegre 66′, Gonzalo Reyes 80′; Sebastián Parada 14′, Kevin Harbottle 54′, Matías Ballini 82′).
  • Sports La Serena vs. San Marcos de Arica
  • Union San Felipe vs. Santiago Morning
  • Magellan vs. Sports Limache
  • San Marcos de Arica vs. Santiago Wanderers
  • Sports Recoleta vs. Sports La Serena
  • Barnechea vs. Sports Antofagasta
  • Curicó Unidos vs. saint Louis
  • University of Concepción vs. Sports Temuco
  • Sports Santa Cruz vs. Rangers

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