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Stefanos Kasselakis: The visit to Volos, the absence of Beau, the shovel and the kitten

Stefanos Kasselakis: The visit to Volos, the absence of Beau, the shovel and the kitten

THE Marble was his first stop Stefanou Kasselakis who toured the affected areas, entered houses, took off his shoes, grabbed a shovel in front of the cameras and then left for Sotirios in the Thessalian plain.

It is noteworthy that Mr. Kasselakis asked that the cameras not follow him inside the houses he visited. However, some time later we saw footage of his posts on twitter.

Mr. Kasselakis arrived in Nea Ionia at the Krausidona bridge on Anapausesos Street and after seeing the enormous damages caused by the overflowing of the torrent, he walked and talked with residents of Karabatzakis, Nikandros and Sinopis streets while entering houses that had been flooded and they were destroyed.

In front of the Ascension footbridge, Stefanos Kaselakis made a statement about the situation and characteristically said that “the picture is shocking. They have left people to their fate. It is not possible for the second rain to bring worse situations than the first. Something has happened in the management and it has not worked. The people have no help, they need a helping hand and the government and the district governor and the mayor have to take care. Time has frozen the whole chain of life. Many cannot get compensation. It is inhumane. We also have the huge costs that the taxpayer has to manage. Lack of prevention costs generations and new generations will pay. How can Greece not be in debt? We all need to focus on people’s lives here. The State should finally show elementary efficiency”.

He then visited parts of the commercial port and walked through the flooded fish market and up to the 9th Primary School of Volos where he spoke to the teachers and students. He then walked through the mud-filled streets of the Old Port Authority.

The president of SYRIZA was surprised by the magnitude of the damage and the problems of the residents, he listened to them carefully and after visiting many houses he repeated that “something has happened in between from one bad weather to another, I don’t know technically what, and it has caused bigger problems. People have no help and all I have to say is, instead of a slapping hand, they need a helping hand. They are literally down to earth. Many cannot get compensation and to get compensation, you literally have to fend for yourself. It is inhumane what is being done and the worst of all, together with the human factor is the huge cost that the Greek taxpayer will have to manage from now on. The lack of prevention at this time has not only affected lives and the world is losing its livelihood, but the new generations will pay dearly. It is unacceptable. And then we wonder how Greece is permanently in debt? How could it not be, if those who are elected do not do their job”.

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