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State parliament slows down AfD project Corona investigation committee |

The U-committee on the corona pandemic planned by the AfD in the state parliament does not currently exist. All other parties have identified serious violations of the provisions of the constitution.

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State Parliament – Dispute over the Corona investigation committee


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In a first attempt, the AfD parliamentary group failed in its attempt to have a Corona investigative committee set up in the Hessian state parliament on Wednesday evening. The Failure became apparent the day before.

With the help of several legal opinions, it should first be clarified: Is the vdesired by the AfD Order is it even constitutional for the committee? And if not, what the critics assume: How does a constitutional version come about?

All other parties in Wiesbaden voted for this: the CDU/SPD government coalition as well as the opposition factions of the Greens and FDP.

Criticism of the application

Based on an initial report commissioned by the CDU, the critics are of the opinion that the AfD has certainly submitted a proposal that fundamentally violates the constitution.

The AfD has formulated some things too vaguely and has already given an assessment to others – that is the objection. Above all, the AfD demands that the state parliament exceed its powers, which are limited to Hesse – for example, by also scrutinizing the actions of the Prime Minister’s Conference or a federal authority such as the Robert Koch Institute.

According to the AfD, the investigative committee should provide “factual clarification” after “unprecedented restrictions on fundamental rights” during the Corona period. The topics to be discussed include lockdown, vaccinations and mask requirements.

Heated debates and schedule

The decision on Wednesday came after two sometimes heated debates: first in the plenary hall, later in the main committee responsible for constitutional issues.

“You have written a motion to appoint the Bundestag,” accused Ingo Schon, parliamentary director of the CDU, of the AfD. At his request and against the AfD’s protest, the state parliament referred the matter to the main committee. The committee then decided on the experts’ solution.

The state parliament administration commissions three constitutional lawyers to submit their respective assessments by the first week of June. The main committee is scheduled to meet for a special meeting on June 11th so that the state parliament plenum can vote on the establishment of the Corona investigation committee, if possible a week later, using the recommendations.

Accusation of cover-up

The AfD reserved the right to file a constitutional complaint against the proceedings with the Hessian State Court. Volker Richter, your health policy spokesman, spoke of a “scandalous approach”. He viewed the accusation that the AfD version of the order was unconstitutional as a “pure protective claim.”

At the same time, the AfD raised allegations of a cover-up. In reality, the decision should be delayed and the work of the Corona Committee undermined. “Only someone who has something to hide would act like that,” said Richter. Parliamentary group leader Robert Lambrou also complained that the CDU had not even made the initial report available to the AfD.

Representatives of the other parties unanimously denied that they were guided by anything other than legal motives. On the contrary, the AfD is treated fairly, said Lisa Gnadl. “You will have the opportunity to present a modified resolution,” said the SPD MP. The much harder alternative is to reject the appointment completely now. Green Jürgen Frömmrich spoke of a “service offer” to the AfD.

Only one group for committee

The CDU, SPD, Greens and FDP are all against the Corona Committee. They assume that the AfD only intends a tribunal. For her, it’s about “clamakism, division and polemics,” said CDU politician Schon. The Green MP Kathrin Anders noticed the desire for “fake news and conspiracy theories”. And the FDP parliamentary group leader Stefan Naas asserted: “We really put a lot of effort into it.”

His parliamentary group colleague Oliver Stirböck called the AfD’s view of the corona pandemic and politicians’ efforts to contain it “crazy.”

But the FDP MP also emphasized that the AfD’s legally guaranteed minority right to the Corona Committee was intended to be preserved with the expert solution, even though the party had submitted such an unsuitable application.

Which is undisputed

It is undisputed that the AfD has overcome the key hurdle in setting up the committee. She received the required support signatures from a fifth of all 133 MPs.

In addition to the 26 AfD MPs, ex-AfD man Sascha Herr supports the cause. The AfD actually didn’t want to cooperate with him because neo-Nazi contacts became known. Speakers from the other factions criticized it as significant that the AfD was now resorting to this man.

What is hotly debated, however, is how to deal with the legal concerns. The Investigative Committee Act actually obliges the state parliament to immediately set up a committee requested by at least 20 percent of its members. If parts of the order are unconstitutional, only constitutionally compliant parts should be decided.

Distrustful AfD

The AfD, which considers its entire application to be correct, insists on this procedure. The other parties are of the opinion that the application cannot be saved without expert advice, which should be obtained as quickly as possible. An inappropriate opening passage is too pervasive for the committee’s tasks that follow in the rest of the text.

AfD parliamentary group leader Lambrou rejected accusations that he was not interested in working towards a perfect solution. On the one hand, everything about his group’s proposal is constitutional. This was confirmed by lawyers from the group. In addition, “We don’t trust you.”

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