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“Spágr the Younger” as the Benjamin of the national team. They are very similar to their father

It’s hockey madness here. The whole country is watching what happens around the national team. Although there were not many young players in the final nomination, you will still find one young novice there. David Špaček, son of the Olympic champion from Nagano and former excellent defender Jaroslav Špaček. At first glance, you can tell that they look similar. Potomek has his entire hockey life ahead of him, but he performed excellently in the Czech colors, scoring his first goal in the very second game for the native.

After returning from the WC in 2003, Jaroslav Špaček welcomed his three-month-old son David.

| Photo: Profimedia

Few people would have expected that until recently. But surprises do happen, even if in the case of David Špaček, it’s not such a big deal. Son of the famous father Jaroslav deservedly earned the nomination. After flying in from overseas, where he played the entire year on a farm in Minnesota, he packed his bags and went to fight for his chance. And it must be said, he showed himself in an excellent light.

He played a total of four preparatory duels, in which he recorded three points for one hit and two goal assists. The right-back did not mess up, and even defensively he exuded calmness. His total ice time was around thirteen to fifteen minutes, and more importantly, the coaches weren’t afraid to try him on power plays.

Captain of the Czech hockey team, Roman Červenka

Rulík pleased the fans. Červenka will be the captain of the national team at the home WC

“I think it’s a dream for everyone to play for the national team, and to score a goal on top of that, it’s really beautiful. I enjoyed it,” revealed the newly minted scorer after his first hit for the national team.

“It will certainly please. This is how I didn’t quite score as much as I wanted to at the club this year. I try to play well in defense and attack when possible. I like it. I think everyone likes to score goals or score goals,” Špaček added.

Jaroslav Špaček with his son David in the locker room of the Sherbrooke Phoenix team.Jaroslav Špaček with his son David in the locker room of the Sherbrooke Phoenix team.Source: with the permission of Jaroslav Špaček

The defender, born in 2003, withstood a big cut by the squad and was included in the final team. At the age of 21, he will be the youngest participant in it, unlike Jiří Ticháček, who is the same age, who was not helped by the fact that he became the most productive fullback of this year’s extra-league season. At the same time, Czech hockey has offensive defenders like saffron…

Son Jaroslav Špaček together with his national team mates, he is finalizing the last details before the first sharp start at the championship. He also appears in training sessions as a member of the powerhouse formation. Will it last there? The last matches of the Czech hockey games showed that the Czechs are troubled by productivity, which is also associated with actions in numerical advantage.

Famous hockey genes

But the debutant at the first big event has to have a hockey IQ to match. His dad is one of the icons of Czech hockey and you can find his corner in the Hall of Fame. The older of the pair did not watch his first national team event until he was 24 years old, but it was not just any premiere.

“Spágr” had to look around Olympics in Nagano and perhaps everyone knows well how the whole tournament turned out. The former excellent defender then experienced other golden throws. The World Cup in 2003 did not bring success, but after arriving home, father and son were immortalized in a joint photo. Little David was still lying in the pram because he was born only three months ago.

Otakar Janecký is not only a legend of Pardubice, but also of the Finnish club Jokerit Helsinki.

I don’t consider the theorist as a coach of the national team to be a happy choice, says Janecký

But let’s move back to the present day. Špaček junior grew up and became a full dad. David is basically Jaroslav’s copy. They both started with the fastest team game in Pilsen, they also share the position of defender, and when they stand next to each other, you practically cannot tell who is taller. However, there are differences. David holds a stick on the right, his dad on the left.

David Špaček at the junior championship:

Source: Youtube

The son has almost his entire career ahead of him. After youth anabasis in the west of Bohemia, he anchored in Litoměřice, from where he set out for a big puddle. He spent three seasons overseas in the lower leagues and spent this year in the AHL, where he wore the Iowa jersey. He claimed the attention of the Minnesota Wild, who drafted him, but the invitation to the most famous competition has not yet arrived. What is not, can be. They are certainly closely monitoring Špaček’s progress overseas, and the local scouts will probably not miss his performances at the home World Cup.

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