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Some schools have already published the results of admissions, others reflect the onslaught of parents

The entrance exams for secondary vocational schools and gymnasiums for the year 2024 are closed, the results have been evaluated and we are only formally waiting for the date given by the decree on May 15. On this day, both CERMAT will publish the results and success of the applicants in the DiPSy electronic system, as well as individual schools on their websites and bulletin boards. However, the school and its principals know the results, they have had them available since Thursday. Some of them were published before the announced date. However, the Ministry of Education does not recommend this procedure, some schools faced pressure from parents who also wanted to know the results. However, students can get an idea of ​​the success rate, since Sunday the corrected tests of the common uniform part of the entrance exams have also been recorded in the system.

Some schools have already published the results of the admissions. How is it possible? Read more in the article.

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Passed the entrance exams for vocational high schools and gymnasiums according to the data CERMAT in 2024 approximately ninety thousand pupils. The organization published the results already on Thursday, but then had to cancel them. It turned out that there were errors in the documents from several schools that had to be removed. “All functions in the system were completed on Friday, now it is no longer processing anything and the principals already have information on which students have been accepted,” confirmed CERMAT spokeswoman Jana Patáková.

On May 15, the results will be reflected in the DiPSy information system, in which students applied for secondary schools:

CERMAT is now evaluating the test solutions.  After the evaluation, the results will be reflected in the DiPSy information system, in which students submitted applications for secondary schools.  It will happen on May 15th.  The system automatically assigns pupils to the schools they indicated according to priority.

Admission results? Those interested in gymnasiums are at a disadvantage, they only accept a fraction of the children

However, the results will not be officially published until Wednesday, May 15. Nevertheless, some directors did not want to wait until Wednesday and already published the results on Thursday or in the following days. But this procedure Ministry of Education (MŠMT) does not approve. “The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science does not recommend directors to publish ‘preliminary’ results at an earlier date, because in exceptional cases there may still be a change. Such a situation occurred last week, when several high school principals made a fundamental mistake in determining the order of applicants at their school, which they subsequently identified themselves. These schools were allowed to upload a new ranking and a new classification was made,” explained the spokeswoman of the department, Tereza Fojtová.

Schools under fire

According to the Association of Grammar School Principals, because of this decision, secondary schools and especially grammar schools, which have a large excess of applicants, had to face an onslaught of tense parents who wanted to know if their children had passed. “It went on all Thursday and all Friday. In addition to the fact that parents wanted to know the results, they also often called to express their dissatisfaction with the fact that their chosen school did not publish the results, while another did,” noted the president of the association, Renata Schejbalová.

The entrance exams took place on several days, as in other years, but for the first time the dates included a weekend:

The first major stressor that our society has prepared for its adolescent members is high school admissions.

How were high school admissions? Easier tests and discounts due to the weekend

At the same time, however, other directors object that the entire process of entrance exams is very long and demanding on the psyche, and knowing that the school already knows the results, but parents and students are still waiting, is not pleasant. The director of the Smíchovské secondary technical school, Radko Sáblík, did not publish the results, but decided to call the 192 successful students and inform them that the school would be able to accept them. “I thought it was unnecessary to stress them further when we know the results. In this way, they had peace and a nice weekend, moreover, it will speed up other processes overall and I believe that it will also benefit good relations with the new pupils and their families,” explained the director.

It is a custom at school that students can get involved in the activities of the new school even before the beginning of the school year. According to Sáblík, the early notification thus ensured not only extra days of rest for the pupils and their families, but also time to research activities and any necessary organization of time, for example through vacations.

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