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SNP hustings tonight: How to watch the livestream from Dumfries event

Monday’s meeting, to be held in Dumfries, will be the fourth event in total and the third to be held in public after the previous day’s hustings was held behind closed doors.

Previous hustings were held in Cumbernauld, Glenrothes and Inverness and Sunday’s event took place online.

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Here is everything you need to know about today’s event.

When are the hustings?

Today’s hustings will take place in Dumfries between 7pm and 9pm. The two-hour event is expected to see Forbes, Regan and Yousaf taking questions from party members on a range of topics.

The day after the final husting, to be held on March 12, the two-week ballot will open for SNP members to cast their votes.

How can I watch?

All hustings bar Sunday’s private event have been livestreamed on the SNP’s social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

If you want to watch, simply head over to one of those sites at the time the event is due to start and you’ll be able to watch there.

What are the big topics?

Naturally, independence – more specifically how to get there – has been the dominant topic of conversation among candidates and members.

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But other issues have crept in, abortion buffer zones and whether to challenge the Westminster block on the Scottish Government’s controversial gender recognition reforms.

And when are the other events?

A full list of the other hustings can be found here.

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