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SM Caen. Will Malherbe find the light again with a new game system?

Godson Kyeremeh has held the Stade Malherbe Caen attack for four games.
Godson Kyeremeh could benefit from a tactical change, he was the pure winger originally. Caleb Zady Sery would also welcome it. ©Aline Chatel

Propelled trainer from Malherbe Caen Stadium in tragic circumstances, Patrice Sauvaget would have done well without the responsibilities he has held for a month. The replacement for Stéphane Moulin, until the return of the latter, had a difficult start. His team conceded a loss and a draw in added time in their first two outings. It took until the second period of his third game to see the first ray of sunshine. Caen, led 2-0 by Bordeaux after an “unbearable” first act, reacted spectacularly to snatch a welcome point.

The first shot of Patrice Sauvaget

The starting point of this revolt probably lies in a tactical choice of the sports decision-maker. Patrice Sauvaget has decided to abandon the 5-3-2 adopted a year earlier for a 4-3-3. The shot worked perfectly. “The transition to four defenders was very good, observes Ali Abdi. It was a big responsibility of the coach. On the field, we reacted well. “Patrice Sauvaget certainly did not need to reassure himself personally, but this decision may have really launched his interim, even if the victory was not at the end of the effort (2-2).

This 4-3-3, Caen should adopt it again on Friday January 20, 2023 in Sochaux. “It’s still a little too early to say if it will be renewed more or less permanently, tempers the technician. But it’s something we’re working on. We needed it. This week, it is with this scheme that the Malherbistes operated, in particular during the oppositions. With Quentin Daubin and Hianga’a Mbock behind Bilal Brahimi in the middle.

“More solutions forward”

Against Bordeaux, the Caennais did not seem confused. They found a classic system that they have all known in the past. However, the context had nothing to do with the 0-0 kick-off. Malherbe absolutely had to get back into the game. “This system gives more solutions forward,” observes Ali Abdi, visibly not unhappy at the prospect of repeating the experience. If Caen adopts this configuration in the Doubs, it will certainly be necessary to refine certain points.

There is a whole balance to be found, with and without the ball. We must be even more vigilant with respect to each other in what we must do. This is particularly the case for the side. Offensive players have to defend even more. These are automatisms to be found.

Patrice Sauvaget

The strength of Stade Malherbe is to have players whose profile matches the specificities of 4-3-3. We imagine the wingers curling their mustaches… Thus, Godson Kyeremeh and Caleb Zady Sery should be holders in the corridors at Sochaux. “We have players who are more used to playing in these areas, I am also thinking of Yoann (Court, suspended against Sochaux, editor’s note). In some systems, players will be more comfortable. You have to find that right balance. »

Patrice Garande has often said, “it doesn’t matter the system, it’s the animation that counts”. But after five games without a win, no less than three months, this probable tactical change seems capable of solving certain problems…

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