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SM Caen. Stéphane Moulin: “I am disappointed with the result, but we remain in ambush”

Stéphane Moulin at the final whistle of the match between Caen and Grenoble.  The Stade Malherbe coach likes what he sees in his team right now.
Stéphane Moulin appreciated the behavior of his team against Sochaux. ©Aline Chatel

Stéphane Moulin appreciated the behavior of his team this Monday March 6, 2023 in Caen’s draw against Sochaux (0-0). His reactions.

Stéphane Moulin, coach of SM Caen: “The goal is missing that turns the good game into a very good game. 19 shots is good, 7 on target is good, not to score is annoying. We didn’t leave them much. They had two great opportunities. For the rest, our goalkeeper didn’t have much to do. We could have won this match, like all the matches we play. 19 shots to 5: we put them in more trouble than the other way around, despite the fact that they are one of the very best teams in the championship. There is individual quality, control, we responded collectively.

I think we were a little inhibited, tense in the first half. There were a lot of technical errors, not enough enthusiasm and energy. We saw more of our style in the second half. In the second half, we created the conditions to win. We defended better, we recovered balls while advancing. We had some great opportunities. We need to be much more efficient. Sochaux were closer to losing than winning after going 5-1 at Annecy.

It was an interesting match, I hope it will allow us to grow. I hope we will have other games at stake to play. I am a little disappointed with the result, but, overall, we responded present. We are well positioned. We are in ambush. It will have to be almost faultless. We have to play our card thoroughly. The series continues. Overall, I liked the behavior of the team tonight. »

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