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SM Caen. Malherbe pushed but had to settle for a draw against Sochaux

Was there a penalty on this action?  The referee of the meeting, with very questionable decisions, said no.
Was there a penalty on this action? The referee of the meeting, with very questionable decisions, said no. ©Aline Chatel

While he had the opportunity to return to four lengths from Bordeaux, Stade Malherbe Caen is still six points from second place, this Monday, March 6, 2023. Despite 17 shots, including six on target, the Caennais did not manage to make the difference against Sochaux (0-0). Closed in the first half, the match settled on the return from the locker room. But Caen then suffered at the finish.

Ali Abdi
Ali Abdi lacked efficiency in the last gestures. ©Aline Chatel

Impeccable Mandrea

Chopped by numerous whistles, not always wisely, the meeting leaves a rather frustrating feeling in the ranks of Caen. Admittedly, the Malherbistes conceded the two clearest chances of the first half, in the form of a post hit by Weissbeck at the very start of the match (4′) and a huge save from Mandréa before the break against Doumbia (43′). Admittedly, they too often lacked precision in the last pass or, much earlier, in the ball outings. But their defensive solidity, apart from the two big blows of heat, and their rise in power over the match could give hope for another scenario.

Emmanuel Ntim
Emmanuel Ntim held the position of right side. ©Aline Chatel

A closed first half

Often dangerous on set pieces very well struck by Salétros, the locals frankly accelerated in the second half after a first act too tactical to be exciting. “The team that wins will be the one that makes the fewest mistakes,” predicted Romain Thomas before the game. For a long time, the two formations neutralized each other with more discipline than madness.

Alexandre Mendy
Alexandre Mendy was well muzzled despite a lot of activity. ©Aline Chatel

Caen pushed

Caen energized the match after returning from the locker room. Court could have benefited from a penalty (53′). He then served Mendy wonderfully, but the center forward did not frame his header (69′). It was Caen’s biggest chance of the game. The Malherbistes insisted, in particular with a header from Abdi repelled by Prévost (74′), but the Sochaux goalkeeper remained intractable.

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