Is it different for you? Vote in the Dení questionnaire.

Source: DiaryIn the large questionnaire, you can also answer other questions about European integration and its influence on the everyday life of Czechs, Moravians and Silesians. What do you think about European Union? Does it make sense to be in it? How much does it help us? What benefits do you use? What do you dislike about the EU?

Dení created the poll for another reason besides the anniversary. At the same time, there are more waiting for us this year elections to the European Parliament. And this at a time when Czech society is divided on many issues. The functionality of the European Union is one of them. Is there a threat of a Czech version of Brexit? When should we adopt the euro? And should we accept him at all? “The questionnaire and the topics arising from it form one of the lines of the project, which the editors prepared for the anniversary of the Czech Republic’s return to the economic space of traditional Europe under the simple title 20 years in the EU,” commented Dení editor-in-chief Tomáš Herman.

The survey questions were created by the editorial team, and Dení asks about both basic political topics and things that directly affect people’s everyday lives. “We are interested, among other things, in how much they use benefits such as cheap calls from abroad or travel without obstacles. So are possible inconveniences associated with the EU,” added Herman.

You can complete a series of about twenty questions, including the one we write about at the beginning HERE.

Deník’s large questionnaire about the Czech Republic’s membership in the Union is another in a series of surveys prepared by Dení Editorial in addition to social topics in which we asked about your addictions or to How they love the Czechs, in recent years has also offered polls on more serious topics. “The strongest interest was in questionnaire on the Russian-Ukrainian warwhere tens of thousands of people answered, one of the last questionnaires regarding activism was also very successful and influencing everyday life from the side of the activists,” added Roman Gallo, editor-in-chief of Dení

How to answer the Journal questionnaire

  • Online: by filling out the form at
  • If the online form does not suit you, you can also send completed questionnaire from the newspaper. It first came out on Wednesday, March 27, and several more times throughout April. Please send us such a questionnaire until April 24, 2024 (including) to the address Vltava Labe Media, Deník central editorial office, U Trezorky 921/2, 158 00 Prague 5. Write the password on the envelope “Diary Survey”.