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Sinking of the Mylanoh: a boat from Dieppe implicated?

The coquillard Bienvenue has been registered in Dieppe since 2021.
The coquillard Bienvenue has been registered in Dieppe since 2021. (© Dieppe Information)

The coquillard crew Welcome would have been placed in police custody for “involuntary homicides”, according to our colleagues from Paris-Normandy and Parisian. The ship, based at Dieppe (Seine Maritime), could be involved in the sinking of the Mylanohoff Le Havre, towards the cape of La Hève, in the night of February 3 to 4, 2022.

The lifeless bodies of two men, who died by drowning, had been found while the third, the youngest, aged only 17, is still missing at sea.

the Welcome is a boat specialized in scallop fishing. It has been registered in Dieppe since 2021. Previously, the ship was based in Les Sables-d’Olonne. A well-known shipowner in the city of Ango bought her about two years ago.

It was her stepfather who was at the helm on the evening of the tragedy. Originally, the coquillard was much larger, but it was cut to be less than 16 meters and have access to the bay of the Seine.

An experienced boss

On the port of Dieppe, this Thursday, January 19, 2023, tongues won’t loosen… No one wants to talk about this story, but everyone has the news in mind. “It’s a bit of shit…”, confides a fisherman.

“The boss at the helm that night is experienced, it’s not his style, he would have said so if there had been a problem. The Mylanoh was also able to hook at the bottom…”

Paint on the cables?

According to our colleagues from Paris-Normandy and Parisianthe boat Welcome could be involved in the sinking of the Mylanoh. Paint was found on the cables.

The crew of Welcome always said he hit the hull of the Mylanoh, but that it was already returned during the collision. The fishermen from Dieppe then immediately alerted the Jobourg regional operational monitoring and rescue centre.

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An open investigation

The maritime prefecture had also asked nearby fishing vessels to reach the area where the vessel was located as quickly as possible. Mylanoh to investigate the area in the event of a man overboard.

A May Day message and significant resources had been committed: the Caïman helicopter of the French Navy, based in Maupertus, the all-weather boat Sainte-Anne des flots of the SNSM, the national sea rescue company, from Ouistreham with two divers on board and the star President Pierre-Huby of the SNSM of Le Havre.

None of the Mylanoh’s three sailors could be saved.

The investigation was entrusted to the research brigade of the maritime gendarmerie of Le Havre.

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