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Should we be afraid that the Russian-Ukrainian war will spread to our territory? Vote

Thanks to the help of the West, including the Czech Republic, Ukraine managed to stop Russian aggression. At the same time, the eastern power, which already occupies about a fifth of its neighbor’s territory, still insists that it does not want a conflict with the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO). That is, with the exception of eccentric Medvedev, who is constantly fencing with hydrogen bombs. At the same time, our opposition accuses the government of only threatening the war. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, however, claimed until the last moment that he would not even attack Ukraine…

Survey: Do you have a real fear that the war may spread from Ukraine to the territory of the Czech Republic?

| Video: Diary/Kateřina Součková

Almost everyone feels what BIS chief Michal Koudelka says: Security situation is the worst since World War II. Chief of the General Staff Karl Řehko can perhaps be blamed for saying that a soldier should not talk so often about the danger to the Czech Republic. However, his concerns are also shared by world politicians.

“NATO does not seek war with Russia. However, we must prepare for a confrontation that could last decades,” says the Secretary-General North Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg. According to him, if Russia wins in Ukraine, there is no guarantee that it will not attack a member state of the alliance. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius thinks the same way. “We have to really, really step up the pace to get ourselves into a position where we can deal with the worst-case scenario,” he warns.

Putin scoffs at this – why would he attack NATO when he knows it is stronger? “They haunt the Baltics, they also haunt Bohemia. Just nonsense, another way to deceive their residents and to get more money from people to carry the burden on their shoulders,” he responds. At the same time, however, the Kremlin-controlled media is telling the population that the West is the architect of the war and that the “Ukrainian Nazis” are puppets in its hands.

What’s the president like? Peter Paul opinion on military education? See what he said to the citizens in the debate:

Debate in the Slovak Theater with President Petr Pavlo, April 17, 2024, Uherské Hradiště.

It makes no sense to scare people with war, but we have to prepare young people for the crisis, said Pavel

They accuse the West, for example, of standing behind it massacre in a music club near Moscow. RIA Novosti commentator Viktorija Nikiforova wrote this week: “The growing problems will also catch up with Western governments – all these gray gentlemen in gray suits and ladies with horse faces. Turns out they’re not just worthless bureaucrats like everyone thought. It turns out that they took billions from their countries’ treasuries and used it to pay for the massacres of innocent civilians. This is not new information for us in Russia. But it will be a real shock to Westerners.”

Of course, fears may not come true. NATO is indeed stronger than the Russian army, which has allowed itself to be defeated several times and stopped by the incomparably weaker Ukraine. Donald Trump, who may be re-elected as US president in November, promises to resolve the conflict within twenty-four hours. And negotiators may soon find an acceptable compromise with security guarantees. However, no news about the situation on the battlefield or about private meetings can be confirmed.

What is Black and White for?

Black and white.  Special dedicated to topics that move societyBlack and white. Special dedicated to topics that move societySource: Diary

We are told not to see the world in black and white. This column seems to deny it. But not if we can see at the same time black and whitewe look in color.

Opinion. We all have an opinion. We have the right to freedom of opinion. But what is it? “A Jew is not a man” is an opinion. And it is both heinous and criminal. “Gypsies on the gas” is an opinion, but you can also end up in the bass for it. We intuitively understand why, but where is the freedom?

Leaving the criminal law aside, the above statements are not worth arguing about. As with someone who claims that the covid vaccination is mass-killing, or that we are chipped by it. Or with someone who denies that Russia is the aggressor and has started a war against Ukraine and that it has the right to reclaim the looted territories.

Then there are questions that depend on our nature, upbringing or knowledge: If there is a God or not. If a holiday by the sea or in the mountains is better. If it is better to donate to an animal shelter or the homeless, if punk or the Vienna Philharmonic is better, if a stork or a lizard is prettier. If the rain is disgusting or beautiful, if it is necessary to cope with colonialism even in Central European conditions. If Uber, or Bolt, Matuska, or Gott. And so on.

And then there are disputes where both sides have good arguments. When is it useless to argue? When we should understand each other and look for the best solution. I’ve been watching and writing opinions for thirty years, I think I know a little about them. IN rubric Black and white I summarize factually and logically the arguments of both sides for you, the readers of the Journal.

Please write us your opinions in the discussion below the article, or send us observations or stories to the address [email protected]. We are happy to publish them.

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