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Sheikh supports Soteldo’s controversial “stunt” in Santos x Vasco

Santos x Vasco registered confusion.

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In addition to scoring the last goal in Santos’ victory over Vasco, Soteldo was the protagonist of the game’s main controversy. In a move in the offensive sector, the Venezuelan placed both feet on top of the ball, something that aroused Sebastián Ferreira’s fury. Therefore, by hitting the midfielder, the Rio team’s center forward caused chaos in Vila Belmiro.

Analyzing the moment in question, Emerson Sheik defended boldness within football. Thus, the former player also countered the negative comments about the play and made it clear that similar moves only occur in moments of advantage on the scoreboard. In this scenario, he expects more courage from the athletes on the field.

“Speaks seriously! Step on the ball! Dance! Twerk it! Give him a pen, a hat, a scooter… He makes little moves, controls the ball with his head and runs away! Really make waves! THIS IS CALLED FOOTBALL!!! The rest is just idle talk… Congratulations, Soteldo, may you serve as an inspiration to other athletes, it was amazing!!! I was watching the game and thought it was very ‘fire’. For a moment I laughed at the football, I want to see more, I really liked it!!! AND IF I WAS A VASCO PLAYER I WOULD BE HERE SAYING THE SAME THING! Pedal… Pretend you’re going, but you’re not… INCLUDING THAT ONLY YOU DO WHEN YOU’RE WINNING! YOU WANT THE GUY TO DO THIS LOSING HAHAHAHAH YOU MUST BE KIDDING!!!”wrote Sheik in a post about the case on the “Fui Clear” page.


After the confusion ended, Soteldo ended up being warned by Anderson Daronco. At summary of the game, the referee explained that the decision was made by shirt 10 “arguing with your opponent with the ball out of play“. Therefore, Lucas Lima, sent off in the match, insisted on rejecting the red card.

“He even kicked me out!!!! PIADAAAAAAA”commented the midfielder in the publication.

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