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Arrest warrants issued for...

He International Criminal Court (ICC) has requested this Monday the issuance of arrest...

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She was still in diapers, he was already raping her. Mothers lovers helped with the abuse

A man from Most, who is currently unemployed and lives in a rented apartment with his family, is being prosecuted at large. Today, Thursday, May 16, he met with both former lovers at the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem. According to the indictment, these women repeatedly allowed the man to have sex with their daughters, while also assisting him in doing so. The girls also took pictures of him in sexually explicit positions at his request and according to his instructions.

One minor was only one year old at the time she had sex with the man. The other, only a few years older, suffers from a mental disability.

According to Deník’s information, the case came about quite by chance when one of the mothers mentioned the man to OSPOD. When the matter began to be investigated, suspicion was proven not only of this newer criminal activity from 2021-23. But when the men secured the electronics, they also came up with an older case from 2015. In both cases, the man on the web dating sites chose women of lower intelligence who had children. He started a love relationship with them and through it got to their children.

The incident with the drunken policeman

The police released the police officer accused of assaulting a girl in front of a bar in Smíchov

According to the indictment, the man in Lovosice and Bohušovice persuaded the woman in a more recent case to allow him to have vaginal and anal sex with her daughter, who was a first-grade schoolgirl. “He also demanded from the woman a photo of an exposed natural girl under the promise of housing and a loan of 50,000. “He brought chips, a doll, a drink and candies to the victim in order to gain her trust,” explained state representative Klára Kubátová.

In at least two cases, the man had sex with this girl on the car seats in the presence of the mother, who was naked and, according to the obtained photos, had her hands on the child even during sex. At the same time, he took pictures and filmed the sex on his mobile phone.

He also complained about the photos of the child with objects in the vagina

An older, even more scandalous case occurred in the summer and fall of 2015 in the living room of a block of flats in the Ústí housing estate. “After the man established a romantic relationship with the accused with the intention of his sexual satisfaction, he had sexual intercourse with her underage daughter on at least three occasions,” the prosecutor described, adding that he engaged in various sexual practices to satisfy himself.

The undressed man caressed the baby’s age child, who according to the secured photos still had diapers and a pacifier, between his legs, placed his erect penis on his genitals, penetrated him with the first joint of his finger, masturbated over the child’s body and then ejaculated on his stomach. Then the woman emailed him 62 photos of the girl, including those with objects in her vagina, such as a toothbrush and a lipstick case.

According to experts, the man should go straight from prison to an institution

The public prosecutor proposes 8 years in prison for the man. The plaintiff proposes to both women after 4 years. Confessions are especially extenuating circumstances for them. All of them have to pay the injured girls hundreds of thousands in non-property damages. All pleaded guilty. “I agree to the charge,” the man said, saying he would like to plead guilty. He did not comment on the sentence proposal, nor did he want to comment on claims for non-pecuniary damage.

Illustrative photo.

They paid the rent with their bodies. A pimp from Ostrava took advantage of a girl on the run

The 37-year-old mother of the first of the raped girls, who is also currently unemployed, spoke in a similar conciliatory manner. “I feel guilty,” the woman said, saying she wanted to plead guilty. “I feel guilty,” said the other, a 44-year-old mother of many who works part-time, saying she also wants to plead guilty. As it turned out, one of the injured girls goes to a special school today, the other, according to her mother, is “still the same”.

According to the experts who examined the defendant in the preliminary proceedings, the man suffers from pedophilia, has no insight into deviance, and should undergo sexological treatment in an institution after leaving prison. The man insists on questioning them. That is also why the court accepted the defendants’ declaration of guilt, thus canceling the more extensive evidence, but did not issue a verdict, on the contrary, it postponed the trial indefinitely. The Senate will tentatively hear experts in October, primarily on whether to impose protective sexological treatment on men and in what form.

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