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Shakeup in the board of directors of the Sigdo Koppers group

The board of directors of the Sigdo Koppers (SK) group experienced one of the biggest shocks in its history this Monday by making unprecedented changes, such as the first incorporation of women to the table, after increasing the number of members.

SK was born in 1960 as an engineering and construction company, which in 1974 was acquired by a group of seven executives who, through an agreement, became its controllers. Today part of that group, from which, for example, the former president of the Republic, Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle, left at the end of the 80s, continues to control the company. In fact, as of December 31, owned 73.9% of the firm.

In addition to its original business, SK is currently present in the explosives business with its subsidiary Enaex, in steel balls for mining grinding through Magotteaux, in the marketing of machinery with SK Comercial and in the sale of automobiles, in partnership with the Spanish company Astara.

For the period 2021-2024, the company had a board of directors of seven members which was headed by three of its historical shareholders: Juan Eduardo Errázuriz Ossa as president, Naoshi Matsumoto Takahashi as vice president and Horacio Pavez García as director. They were accompanied by Norman Hansen Fernández, son of one of the original partners; Jaime Vargas Serrano, representing the family of another member of the group, Mario Santander; Luis Felipe Cerón, for the Aboitiz family; and Silvio Rostagno, as independent director. In general management is Juan Pablo Aboitiz, son of Ramón Aboitiz, another member of the historic group.

But the shareholders meeting this Monday morning brought several new features.

As appropriate, change of directory, the number of board members was increased from seven to nine for the period 2024-2027. And there was also a change of names.

Although Errázuriz continues to lead the table, Matsumoto gave way to his firstborn Naoshi Matsumoto Courdurier and Horacio Pavez did the same with his son Gonzalo Pavez Aro. Cerón remained and Vargas and Hansen left.

Victoria Vásquez, new director of SK

The great novelty of this new board was carried out by two commercial engineers, who are professional directors of companies, and who for the first time established a female presence at the group’s table: Victoria Vásquez García and Verónica Morales Mena. The first, who was elected by the controlling pact, is also director of the Work Safety Institute, Puerto Ventanas, Seguros Sura and president of Norquim; and the second, appointed with the votes of the AFP, is a member of the Watt’s and Camanchaca tables and was in Socovesa and EFE.

President of the Financial Consortium due to coronavirus: “It is already clear that its impact will be deep and prolonged”
Marcos Büchi, new director of the SK group.

Another piece of news was the entry of Marcos Büchi Buc, executive director of the Santo Tomás higher education corporation, president of Cementos Polpaico and who This month he has left the presidency of the Consorcio Financiero group after 10 years, elected with the votes of the controlling pact.

And the last different name that came to the table is that of Patricio Leighton Zambelli, who was already director of Enaex, to which he arrived thanks to the votes of Stars Investment Management, the family office by Felipe Ibáñez Scott. In this case, Stars contributed votes for SK shares that it has distributed among several stock brokerages.

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