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Sète: four police officers injured at the administrative detention center for hot water

The facts took place on the night of Wednesday 4 to Thursday 5 January.
The facts took place this Thursday at the CRA of Sète (©DR)

A foreigner in an irregular situation who complained of no longer having hot water, violently assaulted four national policethis Thursday, at the administrative detention center -CRA- of Sete.

The four policemen who were wounded benefit from three days off work prescribed by doctors. These four officers, who are in a state of shock, were unable to calm this individual in detention, who was completely overexcited and were kicked and punched.

The reasons ? This migrant complained of not having hot water for several days in his room at the CRA. He suddenly flew into a mad rage. The first two police officers were beaten, as were the two colleagues who came to their rescue.

“Great Courage”

This evening, the Alliance Police Nationale de l’Hérault union confirms our information and reacts: “First, we would like to congratulate these police officers who have demonstrated theirgreat courage and professionalism. Then, we demand a very firm response from justice, as well as human resources, so that the police officers of the CRA of Sète can work calmly ”.

Incidents are increasing at the CRA in Sète. in early January, police had foiled a mutiny in the establishment which now accommodates former detainees, foreigners in an irregular situation released from prison centers from Hérault and awaiting deportation to their country. Long procedures…

National Police Alliance denounces work overload and asks for rapid reinforcement within the CRA of Sète. The judicial unit of the Border Police -Paf- of Sète is seized of the investigation after the serious incidents. The police attacker will be taken into custody.

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