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SETAP365 promotes the union between Arinsal Pal

Andorra la VellaThe board of directors SETAP365, has validated the upcoming investments that will “positively affect” the activity of its stations from the 2023-2024 season, according to society’s assessment. Thus, for the next season, the Pal Arinsal station will see a “great improvement” in its facilities with new features that will help boost the Arinsal sector and the Col de la Botella and Setúria area in Pal. The most important investment will go to the beginning of phase 1 of the skiable union between Arinsal Pal. These investments will allow the start of the construction of the union of the two sectors and will have new red, black and blue connecting tracks in the Setúria area. A new ski lift, cultivated snow machines, avalanche protection nets will also be installed. During this phase, the cable car will continue to guarantee transport between Port Negre and Col de la Botella.

Likewise, these investments will also be used to replace the current one Port Negre chairlift, a new lift that will improve access to the upper part of Arinsal, facilitating the connection between the two sectors. This mechanical widget will be replaced by a detachable six-seater chairlift.

The sector of Tarter will also benefit from this change. The current fixed four-seater chairlift will be placed in the Seig area, allowing the creation of a new space with more pistes equipped with cultivated snow and therefore, achieving an increase in the ski domain.

Finally, the other innovation will be the reform of the Arinsal refuge restaurant, located near the base of Comallemple. This will be one of the most important gastronomic points for the season and available during all months of the year, for the winter and summer season.

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