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Seniors feel discriminated against. They cannot drive completely without paper documents

Since January, drivers do not have to carry documents with them when driving. They can present their green card or identity card in electronic form using smartphones. But some seniors criticize the news. They don’t like the fact that while a green card can be flashed on a mobile phone, they have to submit a medical certificate in paper form. Otherwise they face a fine.

Not all drivers can get behind the wheel with only a smartphone, older drivers must carry a medical certificate with them. According to some, it is discrimination. Illustrative image

| Photo: Diary/Zdeněk VAIZ

From January, drivers in the Czech Republic do not have to worry about fines due to forgotten documents. Thanks to the amendment to the Road Act does not have to carry a driver’s license while drivingsmall technician or certificate of professional competence.

In addition, since April, the police tolerates an ID card uploaded in the special eDoklady application, so all the driver needs is a smartphone. In it, he can have a green card in addition to the recorded citizenship.

A necessary opinion

But. Not all drivers can get behind the wheel with only a smartphone. These include drivers over 65 years of age. They must carry a certificate of medical fitness with them. If they do not have it with them while driving, they face a block fine of up to 1,500 crowns. In administrative proceedings, it can be up to five thousand crowns.

Starting this year, Czech drivers no longer have to carry documents with them. But what to do in the event of an accident?

How to solve a traffic accident with eDocuments?  You can read what insurance companies advise in the article

Czechs can now drive with documents on their mobile phones: What to do in the event of an accident, when to call the police

“The government is pulling out as it works on digitization and thereby makes people’s lives easier. But he doesn’t talk about how strongly he discriminates against the elderly. I only need to have my mobile phone with me for my ID, driver’s license and green card, but if I forget the case with the documents, I miss the doctor’s certificate during the inspection, which I must have with me in the original,” complained reader Zdeněk Hořejší. Other readers reacted similarly.

Even the chairperson of the Council of Senior Citizens of the Czech Republic, Lenka Desatová, did not spare criticism. “On the whole, the elderly are forgotten in the Czech Republic. The problem is not only with the aforementioned driving without documents. Seniors are discriminated against, even by markets. If they don’t use mobile applications, they won’t get discounts,” she reminded.

Change in about a year

Ministry of Transportation he denies wrongdoing. “In the interdepartmental procedure, we reminded that the Ministry of Health, by mutual agreement, should build a system where the assessments will be registered electronically, and send information about driver’s medical capacity to the Central Register of Drivers. Control authorities also have access there, and therefore seniors would no longer have to carry the report with them,” responded František Jemelka, spokesman for the Department of Transport.

The transition to an electronic system created problems with missing data:

Technical certificate.  Illustrative image

Digital tech makes life difficult for some drivers. Due to incorrect data

According to the Ministry of Health, the situation should change by the end of 2025 at the latest. The Tribal Registers project is currently being created. All systems used by general practitioners should be connected to it. According to the Ministry of Health, one of the available information will also be information on authorization or incapacity to drive a motor vehicle.

“The same deadline applies as for other projects – the implementation of tribal registers with the incorporation of manufacturers into ambulatory systems will take place this year and next year, with the fact that the latest deadline may not be until the last quarter of 2025, for example, due to the need for implementation into doctors’ applications. Documents in in the form of a medical report, it will of course also be possible to deliver and store it in the mobile application – EZKarta,” added ministry spokesman Ondřej Jakob.

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