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See what Zé Maria thinks about her son Fernando Lázaro leading Corinthians

(Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Corinthians)

Credit: (Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Corinthians)

Zé Maria is used to the demands and affection of a passionate loyalist who fills the stadiums with fans. In his time, he was considered one of the great players of Timão, and currently he has another role at Corinthians, today accompanying Fernando Lázaro under the spotlight as coach of the team that consecrated him, check out details.

Zé Maria and Fernando Lazaro

The Timão idol knows that there is a mixture of sentiments linked to his family, father of 41-year-old Fernando Lázaro, coach of the team since the beginning of the season, does not hide his father’s concern. In an interview with Estadão he said: “I hope to improve my psychological condition to be able to monitor it more closely, but it is difficult because we suffer too much. I’ve come to watch this year’s game at the stadium, but I don’t usually leave the couch. I’ve seen the matches on television.”

Recognized on the premises of Neo Química Arena, he was approached by nostalgic fans who recalled the nickname “Super Zé”. About this moment, he was emphatic: “the response has been very good, especially from the players, who are buying his idea. Coach and cast are walking together, and if it continues like this, I hope they bring us a title”.

The secret to being able to withstand the pressures of Fiel and the results, Zé Maria does not hide during the interview: “he has lived at the club since he was little. His grandfather was a member of Corinthians and the two were always there. Fernando worked at the club and knows what it’s like to be a Corinthian, he knows what Corinthians like. He remains an employee of the club. He is more of an employee than a coach and an employee has to work ”.

Trajectory in the club

Fernando Lázaro grew up in Parque São Jorge in the area of ​​data processing as a computer assistant. At this time he created a system where physiology showed data to analyze physical preparation and the medical department. Thus, he performed tasks, made schedules and with participation ended up preparing reports and knowing more about the technical sector.

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