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Security agenda gets bogged down in the creation of a new ministry and in a project on homicides

Despite the commitment of all political forces to move forward with the legislative security agenda, after the murder of three police officers in Cañete, the dialogue between the ruling party and the opposition was once again stuck.

Until now, the members of the House Security Committee They have not been summoned, except for the joint session with the Constitution Commission, with which they are looking at the reform on rules of use of force.

Although the president of this instance, the deputy Andrew Longton (RN) assured that his intention was to summon the Security Commission, the call was suspended due to differences with the ruling party regarding the projects that should be discussed.

While the government alliance is pushing for the reform that creates a new Ministery of securitywhere especially the RN bench has severe technical and political objections, the right wanted to table a project that increases penalties for homicides, especially when the victims are police and military.

The problem is that today the deputies are in a “district week” (that is, working in the territories), therefore, a unanimous agreement of the committees was required to convene sessions of the aforementioned commission.

“I regret that the PC, PS and the Frente Amplio have not given unanimity to finish dispatching in the coming days the bill that aggravates the sanctions for crimes against people and members of the Carabineros, PDI and Armed Forces. It is one thing for them to vote against it, but what is unacceptable is not allowing it to be discussed and voted on,” commented Longton (RN).

From the benches of the government alliance there are legal observations on the initiative on homicides, but given the context of the murder of the three police officers, it was highly costly, from the point of view of public image, to oppose it at this time. Furthermore, today the right would have the votes to remove it from the commission and eventually approve it on the House floor.

Regarding the reform that creates the new Ministery of security, which is in its final phase of discussion in the body he presides over, Longton (RN) pointed out to the Executive for not having yet presented a proposal for a solution to the last issue that arose in the commission: the future political powers (coordination, supervision and of chief of staff) that the Ministry of the Interior would have, in compensation for the transfer of public order and security roles to another portfolio. “The articles of the new ministry project have been dispatched, but these political issues are missing where we have differences and which I wish had not been included so that it could be dispatched quickly,” said the opposition legislator.

Although the provisions that create the structure of the Ministry of Security were already voted on in the commission, the RN deputies raised a severe technical objection regarding the powers and positions at the regional level that the ministry would have.

During its passage through the Senate, the figure of a regional commissioner who was tentatively going to assume security responsibilities. However, in the Chamber, the government with the support of the ruling party, the UDI and some non-aligned legislators, proposed returning to the figure of a regional ministerial secretary (seremi), who would also assume public order tasks. This solution, however, did not please the RN parliamentarians, who believed that public order should be in the hands of the regional delegate.

Despite this objection, the government’s proposal was approved and RN expressed the dissenting vote.

From the ruling party, however, they point to a possible blockage on the part of the opposition to advance the discussion of the new ministry, which, despite being an initiative of the President’s government Sebastian Piñeracould become the main security legacy of the President’s administration Gabriel Boric.

“Given the condemnable, regrettable and horrific murder of the three Carabineros in the province of Arauco, it is up to us as the Chamber of Deputies to confront these events with a powerful agenda. And for that, as Frente Amplio, we are convinced that we must promptly legislate, these days, the Ministry of Public Security, in the Security Commission of the Chamber to be able to vote on it in the Chamber, hopefully this week. This is the path that allows us to give a signal that we are facing this together and ensuring that the State has a ministry exclusively in charge of our security problems,” said the deputy head of the Frente Amplio bench, deputy Javiera Morales. .

“This project is in its second constitutional process. All that remains is to vote on the new powers of the Ministry of the Interior and they do not put it to a vote,” said the deputy. Raúl Leiva (PS)who is a member of the Security Commission.

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