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Scientists bring Neanderthal face to life for Netflix. The newspaper obtained exclusive images

The face of a Neanderthal woman was reconstructed by scientists from Great Britain after several years of research. Careful restoration of the damaged remains of 75 thousand years old and thorough analysis made it possible to reveal the unique face of prehistoric man. The experts made a surprising appearance in a new documentary on the Netflix platform. The University of Cambridge provided the Journal with exclusive photos.

Reconstruction of the face of a Neanderthal woman. Scientists from the University of Cambridge collaborated with the producers of Netflix

| Photo: Courtesy University of Cambridge/BBC Studios/Jamie Simonds

People can see what a Neanderthal woman buried 75,000 years ago looked like. Scientists from University of Cambridge performed a detailed reconstruction of the face to reveal the possible appearance of a prehistoric human species. The unveiling of the face has now taken place in collaboration with BBC producers and Netflix in the documentary The Secret of the Neanderthals.

This is what a Neanderthal man looked like:

Scientists have reconstructed the face of a Neanderthal man.  You can see how it could have looked inside the article.  Illustrative image

This is what a Neanderthal looked like. The scientists brought his face to life and marveled. They called him an old man

Archaeologists found the remains of a forty-year-old woman buried in the Shanidar cave located in Iraq six years ago. She lay in the hollow with her left arm curled under her head, which she had placed on a stone. According to experts, it could have served as a pillow.

However, the skull was probably crushed after a long-ago impact of a heavy stone from the ceiling of the cave. It had to be pieced together in the laboratory from two hundred bone fragments to make it complete. The process according to them BBC lasted more than a year. Subsequently, they discovered that the woman had unusually raised eyebrows.

Scientists from the University of Cambridge created the face of a Neanderthal woman:

The scientists then created its approximate form with the help of a scan of the skull, 3D printing and modern technologies. To reveal the Neanderthal woman’s appearance in detail, they also created layers of muscles and skin. “She had a surprisingly large face,” she said studies paleoanthropologist Emma Pomeroy from the University of Cambridge.

Complex analysis

Experts from Cambridge wanted to learn more about the prehistoric woman, so they carried out an overall analysis of the preserved remains.

They said in the study that at first it was difficult to guess the gender, as they only found the upper body. However, the team is certain that it is a female, based on dominant proteins within the tooth enamel that they associate with female genetics. This is also indicated by the slight growth of the skeleton.

Experts have shown the likeness of a woman who died near Prague a thousand years ago:

Thanks to the discovered skull, researchers have reconstructed the form of a woman who lived 45,000 years ago in the territory of today's Czech Republic.  He is nicknamed the Golden Horse

This is a woman who died 45 thousand years ago near Prague. Scientists brought her face to life

According to estimates, the Neanderthal woman could have been no more than 150 centimeters tall. Scientists tried to determine her height by comparing the length and diameter of her arm bones with data on modern humans. Based on the wear of the teeth and bones, they were then able to estimate the age.

Scientists have shown the face of a Neanderthal woman:

Source: Youtube

“It’s a reasonable guess, but we can’t be sure she couldn’t be older,” she explained to Pro CNN Pomeroy. However, according to her, the woman lived a long life. Due to her many years of experience and knowledge, she could have been an important member of the community at that time.

Final resting place

According to the study, Neanderthals returned to the Šanidar cave repeatedly to bury their dead there. Archaeologists discovered the remains of ten prehistoric people here. Research showed that they placed half of them in the cave one after the other.

Swedish scientists have revealed the face of a Stone Age woman:

Diorama depicting people in the Neolithic period, i.e. in the younger Stone Age, when the place of previous hunting and gathering becomes the main source of subsistence for agriculture

Like alive. A Swedish scientist has reconstructed the face of a Stone Age woman

According to Pomeroy, there is a possibility that scientific teams will be able to find more human remains at the site. For example, during filming in 2022, they found the left shoulder blade, ribs and right hand here.

Facial reconstruction

Based on the preserved remains, scientists have managed to reconstruct the faces of ancient ancestors from different periods. For example, they recently created the image of an astronomer Nicholas Copernicus. They also showed the face of a Venetian vampirebecause the woman was buried with a brick in her mouth.

Previously, experts created a form the face of a noble Anglo-Saxon girl from the 7th century. They also managed to imitate the appearance of a Bronze Age woman.

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