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São Paulo wins Ferroviária at the turn and breathes in Paulistão

Credit: Reproduction/Sao Paulo FC

railway and Sao Paulo entered the field that Thursday night for Paulista. The game started better for the hosts but the Sao Paulo went after the result. The Paulostão match ended 2-1 for Tricolor.

Ferroviária opens the scoring at the beginning

The match started with Ferroviária putting pressure on the Sao Paulo. THE Sao Paulo Didn’t get past midfield in the first few minutes. The soggy lawn was another factor that hindered the teams. But Ferroviária knew how to take advantage of it. With 4 minutes left, the ball was left to Heitor who hit Rafael with no chance, opening the scoring.

In the next few minutes the Sao Paulo went on the attack, but didn’t have good chances. Now with a more open team, Ferroviária had more chances to set up moves. Even with the lawn basically flooded, the match was looser on both sides. The first chance of Sao Paulo came with a false charge by Igor Vinícius, but Saulo defended.

In the next few minutes the game changed face. THE Sao Paulo who previously only defended himself now advanced to attack. The team had at least three good chances, but Saula showed presence. But even with a bombing the Sao Paulo did not score in the first half.

Sao Paulo fight and turn the match

If at the beginning of the first half Ferroviária dominated the match, now it was the turn of Sao Paulo. The owners of the house did not go beyond the midfield. And soon came the Tricolor tie. Igor Vinícius crossed well and David headed in to score the goal for the Sao Paulo.

THE Sao Paulo continued looking for the turn. Ferroviária didn’t have many options but to defend and wait for counterattacks. THE Sao Paulo scored another goal with Luciano, but the move was annulled due to a foul at the beginning of the play. At 19 minutes Pablo Maia committed a foul and received the second yellow.

But even with one more player, Ferroviária was clearly tired and didn’t keep up the pace. Even with more opportunities for space due to the expulsion, Locomotive had no dangerous moves. already the Sao Paulo did not fail to force the tiebreaker. Calleri was left alone with Saulo, but the attacker lost the pass of the ball and did not finish.

In the final straight, Ferroviária had a good chance with John Kennedy, but Rafael performed a miracle and took the ball away. The Locomotive continued to press these last few minutes. But the insistence of Sao Paulo worth it. Pedrinho went to the bottom line and crossed, Calleri headed and the ball fell to Galoppo. The Argentine sent it to the back of the net and turned the match, 2 to 1 Sao Paulo.



Date: 01/19/2023

Time: 19:30

Stadium: Fonte Luminosa

Broadcast: Premiere and Paulistão Play

Referee: Flavio Rodrigues de Souza

Assistants: Marcelo Carvalho Van Gasse and Diego Morelli de Oliveira

VAR: Vinicius Furlan

Goals: 1T 4′ Heitor (FER), 2T 5′ David (SAO), 2T 43′ Galoppo (SAO)

Cards: Cassiano (FER), Ronaldo Alves (FER), (2 yellows) Pablo Maia (SAO), Pablo (FER), Galoppo (SAO), Tito (FER)

Railway (4-3-3): Saulo; Heitor, Alisson Cassiano, Leo saints, Sanchez; Pablo, Rafael Costa, Álvaro; John Kennedy, Ytalo, Tito

Sao Paulo (4-3-3): Raphael; Igor Vinícius, Ferraresi, Alan Franco, Wellington; Pablo Maia, Mendez, Luciano; David, Wellington Rato, Calleri

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