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São Paulo condemns photographer’s attitude and triggers FPF

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Last Sunday (5), São Paulo sought to come back against Botafogo-SP and ended up winning by 3-1, thus qualifying at the top of Group B, of the Paulista Championship. But a fact that drew attention was the photographer Raul Ramos, from the Jornal Tribuna de Ribeirão, who put his foot in the middle of the path and caused the Galoppo to stumble.

FPF will investigate the case

This moment happened after the second goal from São Paulo, in which Galoppo celebrated in front of the Botafogo-SP crowd. In view of this, it generated a lot of criticism from fans and the club. The tricolor board charged the Paulista Federation with measures to take disciplinary measures against the photographer.

According to information from journalist Gabriel Sá, from Jovem Pan, the directors of São Paulo see it as an attempt to overthrow the athlete. The FPF itself informed that it is aware of what happened and that it will investigate the supposed action of the field professional.

Raul Ramos clarified the fact

Photojournalist Raul Ramos gave his version of the controversy and denied that he had done it on purpose. According to him, it would not make sense, as he was also working for a news agency in São Paulo and that people might have been confused because of the camera angle.

“I never had the intention of hitting the athlete, because, in that game, I was also photographing for a player agency in São Paulo, so it wouldn’t make the slightest sense. At the same moment it happened, I already apologized to Galoppo, explained it to Luciano and the fourth official. I understand the repercussions because in the video, from the angle, it really looks like he wanted to harm Galoppo. But it was just huge bad luck, because I was looking ahead and I thought about walking or taking my foot off, so as not to fall in the middle of the confusion and that was it”, declared Raul Ramos.

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