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Santos board should meet today to deal with the rest of the year

(Photo: Reproduction social networks)

Credit: (Photo: Reproduction social networks)

Santos’ technical football coordinator, Paulo Roberto Falcão, confirmed that there is a plan to hold a meeting that should decide the future of the team in the next competitions. In the decision, the club’s Management Committee and the Football Department will be meeting together with Odair Hellmann’s technical commission, check out information.

Meeting to evaluate the Fish

According to information from the Portal O Diário do Peixe, it was found that the Board of Santos plans a meeting to evaluate all the mistakes that were made during the group round of the Campeonato Paulista. Although there is no agenda for the dismissal of Odair Hellmann, there will probably be pressure for the coach.

Santos future

Falcão also informed that the Board should act with caution, which did not happen on other occasions with other professionals. In addition, the club needs to evolve, at least in the management’s view, maintaining a certain regularity.

In an interview, the idol said: “At the moment, there is no thought of changing the coaching staff. I have complete confidence in them. It was a result out of any context. If you trained to do something else, it wasn’t done. We are all to blame: commission, me, the players. It has to be well divided. Everyone is sad, embarrassed by the acting. We are going to have meetings to define some things. We don’t have the habit of hiding, the objective is to clearly say that we don’t play well. This really worried us a lot. The game ended a little while ago, it’s better for us to think calmly”.

Although Hellmann’s resignation is not on the agenda, one of the main issues addressed should be the continuity of the project, the search for reinforcements, and the need for modifications to achieve better results.

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